What Is A Sub Admin Account? What Is The Pricing of It?

What is a sub admin account?

A sub admin is an administrative role within OnlineExamMaker that provides permissions to manage certain aspects of the online quizzes or courses but is limited to a specific sub-account. A sub admin in OnlineExamMaker is essentially a subdivision within the main institution's account, often organized by departments, colleges, or other units.

OnlineExamMaker provides 10+ flexible sub admin account permission settings, including grading management, candidate management, question editing, course management and so on. You can configure the privileges of each account according to their role in your team, such as question content contributor, instructor, HR, and administrator.

What is the pricing of a sub admin account in OnlineExamMaker?

Premium users can create 3 sub admin accounts for free in the plan. Sub admin feature is only available for users of Essentials plan and above.

Pricing of sub admins


How can I purchase sub admin accounts?

Click "Sub Admins" under "Students" to go to sub admin management page.


Click "Purchase sub-admin", you will see a pop-up window, you can set sub-admin quantity, select a period, then click "Buy now" button to purchase your sub-admin account(s).