How to Embed An Exam to My Website or WordPress Blog?

With OnlineExamMaker, exam organizers are able to create embeddable exams that can be inserted into your website or WordPress blog. Once an exam is published, you will get a few lines of codes, just copy the codes and add them to a web page, you can easily embed the released exam to your website.

Step-by-Step guide to embed an exam to your website/WordPress blog

Go to "Exams" -> "All Exams", select an exam you want to share, then click "More" -> "Share exam."


After you click the "Share exam" link, you will see a pop-up window, just click "More method" in the left bottom, you will see the embed code of the exam, then you can click "Copy the code" button to copy the embed code.


Add embed code to a web page

Just open a web page file in a code editor, then copy the embed code into the place where you want to display the exam.


Add embed code to a WordPress page

Login to your WordPress dashboard, select a post or a page that you want to embed the exam, then open it in "Text Editor" mode, then paste the embed code into the content.


Embedded exam example

The image below is the screenshot of an embedded exam in a web page.