Terms of Service

Welcome to onlineexammaker.com, this is the official website of "Online Exam Maker", a product of Guangzhou Haozhi Information Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Online Exam Maker”, “Haozhi”, “we”, “us”, “company”, “platform”, “website”). The company makes product, price, etc. available to you on this website, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Use of The Service

The company agrees to provide services to users in accordance with the terms of service and the relevant provisions for a specific service.The relevant regulations formulated by the company for a specific service include but are not limited to software license terms, user registration agreements, upload service terms and other corresponding service terms and announcements that may be expanded.

Please read all the contents of these Terms of Service in detail before registering as our user. By using the service, you agree to be bound by these Terms. The user must agree to all the contents of the agreement drawn up by the Company concerning the use of the product and complete the entire registration procedure in accordance with the instructions on the page. By agreeing to all agreements, the user voluntarily commits to be bound by the relevant provisions of the Company. In the event of a dispute, the user may not use the defense that he or she has not read the Terms of Service carefully.

1.We have no obligation to strictly review audio, video, text, images and other files uploaded by users, and users are responsible for ensuring that any files they upload do not infringe any rights of third parties.

2.Prohibited Content

All users are prohibited from posting or uploading the following in Online Exam Maker:

● Adult Content.

You are prohibited from uploading or posting content or links about adult content. All material of pornographic nature is considered adult content;

● Offensive Content

Intolerant, defamatory, stalks, abuse,harassment, invitations to fight, threatening or any contents of any nature are prohibited;

● Violence Content

You are prohibited from uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting any material that constitutes a direct threat of violence against any person or group of people;

● Hatred content

You are prohibited from uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting any material that promotes hatred towards groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, and sexual orientation/gender identity;

● Misleading and dishonest content

You are prohibited from uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting any material that we consider to be inappropriately misleading and dishonest.

● Intellectual Property Regulations

You are prohibited from uploading or posting any content or links that infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Users in the use of our services in the process of any one or more of the above situations, after independent judgment, we will take the measures including but not limited to the deletion of relevant content, suspension or termination of the user's use of this service and other measures to mitigate and eliminate the impact of user misconduct.

Intellectual Property Rights

1.All information on this website, including but not limited to all trademarks, logos, company name and logo, text, images, audio, video, the entire content of the program, web layout, web design, website architecture and material editing, the use of software or programs, and their intellectual property rights belong to Haozhi company independently or jointly owned with the legal rights holders of the relevant content.

2.Any contents of the copyright and other intellectual property rights owned by the Company shall not be reproduced, edited, transmitted, compiled, modified, imitated, copied, republished, mirrored, restoration-engineered, decompiled or reverse-group-translated in any form by anyone without authorization, otherwise the Company will be held legally responsible.

Disclaimer of Warranties

1.Haozhi does not have full or adequate ability to monitor any illegal uploading files by users. However, if somebody reports or complains, we may at our sole discretion, immediately delete the file involving illegal content and stop the file from continuing to be distributed, and will not be liable for breach of contract or other legal responsibility for the user.

2.The user will be solely responsible for the risks and all consequences arising therefrom when using the system upload service.

3.Due to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, wars, government bans, and other force majeure events that cannot be foreseen and whose occurrence and consequences cannot be prevented or avoided, or hacker attacks on the Internet, which affect the performance of these terms of service, Haozhi will not be responsible for responsibility.