Online Examination System Vs LAN Exam System

While searching for the information of the online examination system, users may find out that generally, there are two versions of examination system. One is online examination system; while the other is LAN exam system. Then which version should the users choose? What is the key differences between online examination system and LAN exam system exactly?

Next, the article will mainly discuss the differences between online examination system and LAN exam system from the following aspects.

Use Environment

Online examination system can be used whenever and wherever you like as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. When it comes to LAN examination system, it can be used on a company’s intranet. So the LAN version is more suitable for companies that have high requirements for data security in the examination system.

Way to Register

Also, the users can sign up for an account of an online examination system without downloading any applications. In contrast, the users must download LAN exam system before signing up.

Update Speed

What’s more, the functions of the online examination system can be updated quite quickly and the users are able to use its new functions. But, in LAN exam system it takes time to update.

Method of Purchase

As for the ways of purchase, there is difference between online examination system and LAN exam system. Normally, the online examination system can be purchased monthly, quarterly and annually. However, users can purchase LAN exam system once and use it for life at a rather reasonable price.


However, in terms of functionality, there is not much difference between the online examination system and the LAN exam system. Generally speaking, the examination system can be extremely powerful functionally.

For example, the examination system may have anti-cheating function, including anti switching screen, no copying or pasting, surveillance camera, face recognition and so on, which would greatly reduce the candidates’ cheating.

Also, Users can also customize their own homepage, including homepage header, logo and homepage domain name, which allows users to build their own brand of the examination system.

The examination system enables the administrators to check the statistical analysis and the details of the exam taken as well, including the ranking of the exam, the average score, the pass rate, score of each candidate, error rate of each question, etc. In addition to the functions mentioned above, there are also many other functions of the online examination system and the LAN exam system.

The above are the differences between the two versions. Users can choose the version that suits them according to their needs. If you are in need, please click here to apply for a free account of the online examination system. Or if you are interested in the LAN exam system, please click here to download the LAN version!