How to prevent cheating during online exams?

Five effective measures to make cheating impossible

Powerful face recognition technology

AI facial detection algorithms to confirm the test taker's identity by matching their face to photos in their account profile.

Automatic webcam proctoring

Open the webcamera to capture the test-taking process.

Real-time shooting to record any cheating action of candidates.

The administrator can access the proctoring pictures at anytime.

(Only can be used on PC side)

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Limit the times of switching screen

The system will end the ongoing test automatically if it detects exam takers switch the screen to search for answers.

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Question Settings

Random Exam

Select questions randomly from the certain question bank to make the questions of every candidate different.

Random Order

Automatically re-shuffle the questions before sending it to another student, or trainee.

Random Options

The order of the question answer options in the exam is shuffled.

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Forcibly occupy the whole screen

When taking exams on the PC side, the online test will forcibly occupy the whole screen so that candidates couldn’t switch the screen.

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Time limit and account permission

Limit the time of the whole test, the system will end automatically if the time is over.

Limit the time per question, candidates can’t answer if the time is over.

One account only can be logged on one device at the same time.

Enable the automatic submitting functions, the system will submit automatically if candidates have been offline for an hour or the exam opening time has ended.

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