What Are Concurrent Exam Takers? Can I Increase The Quantity Limit of Concurrent Exam Takers?

What are concurrent exam takers?

Concurrent exam takers are individuals who are taking an examination at the same time. OnlineExamMaker is built on high quality and well-maintained cloud server, which allows exam administrators to carry out exams simultaneously with 100,000+ people, and supports AI proctoring of all the candidates during the exam simultaneously.

The concurrent exam taker limit in each plan:


Can I increase the quantity limit of concurrent exam takers?

Yes, you can contact us at [email protected] to pay additional charge about concurrent exam takers.

What is the pricing of additional concurrent exam takers in OnlineExamMaker?

Pricing of additional concurrent exam takers:


Pricing example

If you are a premium user (pay yearly) who want to scale up concurrent exam takers to 3, 000, this is the pricing example: