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Cloud exam platform to help training institutions and individual lecturers to sell exams, and courses to reach millions of learners all over the world. Secure payment methods. No transaction fees are required.

Paid Exams & Courses

Combine exam with courses

Combine exam with courses

Learning while testing; testing after learning

Support various types of courseware

Courseware types

Clearly show the PPT, video, and picture, etc.

Paying settings

Paying settings

Set the price, discount, and payment by yourselves

Online exam

Online exam

Various types of questions, intelligent marking

Learning plan reminder

Learning plan reminder

Inform students with messages or email

Diversified experience

Diversified experience

Students can learn many types of courses and take the exam

Interactive learning

Interactive learning

Competition among candidates;teachers solve puzzles online

Learning progress

Learning progress

View the course learning records and exam records

Low costs

Low costs

Meet the needs of all kinds of enterprises & schools, optimize training and education systems

My Homepage

online academy page
  • Learning on mobile phone side

    Learning on mobile

    Support to study everywhere and every time

  • Cross-platform network school

    Cross-platform network school

    Independent website and domain

  • Category Menu

    Category menu

    Category management of courses and exams

  • Put Links on website

    Put Links on website

    Copy your exam links to website to make students follow

  • Add advertising picture

    Add advertising picture

    To show big pictures and support to add links

  • Customize sharing

    Customize sharing

    Add brand logo and social sharing words

  • More information display

    More information display

    Customize the information showing on the bottom of the homepage and; the link of paid courses and exams

  • Unique style

    Unique style

    Add slogan, background, theme, and color of the homepage