Build your exam registration system

Let candidates register directly, reducing the time of adding candidates.

Creating a paid registration form to charge someone who wants to buy your courses or exams.

Realize "one-time payment, permanent learning".

Independent candidate dashboard

Candidates can query scores, ranking, and exam reports by themselves.

Students can do exercises or view their exam-taking records on their dashboard.

Wrong question collection helps students to find their weak spots.




Connect OnlineExamMaker with your own ERP, CRM, or employee management system. Candidates do not need to maintain separate accounts and passwords for each system.


Data Synchronization

No need to import artificially, we provide API for users to achieve Data Synchronization

Sub-administrator Management

Create multiple sub-accounts for your team, and assign different tasks to each team member

Set sub-administrators for different departments or classes

Configure the privileges of each sub-account according to their role in your team