Online Exam System for Training Institutions

Powerful online exam platform with AI proctoring tool & LMS that will increase your training productivity.

The Disadvantages of Offline Training

Students tend to forget the material or might find it difficult to continue learning

There is no learning platform for students to review effectively

Students are not able to see their weak points during the training

It takes a lot of time to organize test questions and print test papers

Limit the number of learners that can attend and participate in the offline courses

Traditional paper exams are time-consuming, money-wasting, and not eco-friendly


Go mobile: Study whenever and wherever

OnlineExamMaker ensures that all students, and educators are able to access interactive and engaging content from anywhere, whether they’re on desktops, laptops, or mobile phones.

Students have the freedom to study at the convenience of their homes and save a lot of personal time by avoiding the need to commute.

Support to play course video repeatedly

Students can use the account to log in and learn at any time, reviewing the course repeatedly to understand deeply and thoroughly.

Easy to learn and practice

Use mobile phones to log in to the candidate's dashboard to get started quickly.

Support candidates to view their learning records and wrong questions collection on their own panel.

Increase your training revenue

Students always pay more for the offline course than for the online course; so financially speaking the e-learning mode will attract more students and increase course sales volume.

Course+exam - deliver interactive learning experience

Free course or paid course, no matter what you want.

Intelligent functions such as auto scoring and statistical analysis to view the individual strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

Support to add a test to certain course.

Online courses support takeing notes and asking teachers questions, an interactive learning way.

Visible learning progress

Auto-generate test reports for parents to view the question details.

Parents participate in supervision for viewing the record and grades changes for kids.

Build up your online knowledge store

Paid courses and exams are a convenient way for students to learn as well as an effective path to make your knowledge valuable, a win-win for both trainers and learners.