What Is Your Face ID Verification Anti-Cheating Service? What Is Its Pricing?

What is your face ID verification anti-cheating service?

OnlineExamMaker provides face ID verification or facial recognition service to help exam organizers prevent cheating to ensure online exam integrity. Our AI-Powered face ID verification technology can be used to ensure that the candidate taking the exam is the genuine student and to detect any suspicious behavior during the exam.

Here are two key aspects of this technology and how it is used to prevent cheating:

Initial Verification: At the start of the exam, the student is required to show their face clearly to the camera. The system captures this image and compares it to a previously stored image of the student. If there's a match, the student can proceed.

Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the duration of the exam, the system continuously captures images of the student. If someone else appears in the frame or if the student's face goes out of view for an extended period, the system can flag this as suspicious behavior.

What is the pricing of your face ID verification service?

The price of our face ID verification service is $0.7/time

How can I purchase the face ID verification services?

Select "Anti-Cheating" in exam setting, then click "Buy now" button below "Enable face recognition" setting.

After you click "Buy now" button, you will see a pop-up window, you can select the "face recognition service" package, then press "Pay Now" button to finish the payment.