Build an Online Exam with Our Software—Online Exam Maker

Under the influence of COVID-19, many schools and educational institutions have been shut down all over the world. Even some schools are trying to reopen, but it would be obviously still a problem to conduct exams traditionally. Many schools have transited traditional teaching into online teaching, and offline exams into online exams, which without any doubt, is good for both teachers and students because of the advantages of the online exams.

Firstly, there are no time and location restrictions for students to take online exams. Students can take online exams no matter where they are and whenever they want through a computer or a mobile phone connected to the internet, which is remarkably convenient. Secondly, a large number of candidates can take the exam simultaneously. Also, while conducting an online exam,  no teacher invigilation is required for most online exam software has anti-cheating functions. For example, online exam software like Online Exam Maker provides users with powerful anti-cheating functions, including face recognition, no switching the screen, surveillance camera, full screen mode as well as no copying and pasting, which can greatly reduce students’ behaviors of cheating.

Online exam software also has many other functions. For instance, users can check the records and the statistical analysis of the exam taken, which includes ranking, average score,  pass rate, answer details of the students and so on.

Also, users can customize their homepage title, logo and domain name to build their own online exam software.

Therefore,with so many advantages of the online exam software, how can we create an online exam? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Enter the basic information, including the title and the description of the exam;

Step 2: Add questions to the exam, users can import questions in batches before creating an exam;

Step 3:  Set up some settings, such as anti-cheating setting, exam opening hours setting, result page setting and so on;

Step 4: Finish setting up and publish.

In four simple steps, the exam is created. If you are interested in online exam software, you are more than welcome to click here to register for an account for a free trial.