How to Let Students to Assign to A Group / How to Create Group Sign-up?

Students can directly register to their belonging group. The administrators will no need to further group the students one by one.

How to let students to assign to group / How to create Group Sign-up?

Sign in and enter "Students" -> "Signup Forms", then click on "+ New Signup." img

There are 5 steps to complete a sign up form.

1. Signup Information: Write down this sign up form’s title and instructions.


2. Registration Information: the information the students need to fill in for your information collection, such as Photo, Gender, Email, Cellphone, Class and so on.


3. Theme: Set a beautiful and approriate background for the registration form. You can choose one from the system or just upload the one you like.


4. Signup Settings: You can set a specified group for registration. Also, the register numbers, registration fee, registration time and so on can be customized.


5. Share: You can share the registration link or QR code for students oriented registration.


Hope this passage can clearly guide you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.