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Course Learning

Tutorials about upload coursewares and how to build up online courses and etc.

Exams Online Testing Platform - Online Exam Platform

How to create an exam, and how to let candidates start testing in testing Platforms. In this part, you will know how to find out the taken lists, records, and how to export the taken data.

Import questions & manage

Tutorials about import questions to the questions bank, how to review the questions, and also import history and etc.

Students & students dashboard

About how to manage students, import or export; view student do exam information and their scores; how to enter student's dashboard to start take exam, and view their own taken list, the wrong did questions.

Home page & customize

You will know how to share your own testing home page, and how to customize it with your own logo and other brand data.

FAQ – User Manual

Most asked questions, and their answers.


About the account of administrator, sub-administrator and candidates.

LAN Exam System

An exam system works at LAN ( local area network), can support no internet environment. Suitable for school, government and enterprise

Open Platform

The API interfaces, and how to connect with Online Exam Maker with your exists system, and sync the data.


The questionnaire system we provide can easily help you collect various types of questionnaires


Quiz feature helps you to carry out the study test in a vivid and interesting way. After the test takers pass the designated number of levels, they will receive prizes, which will attract them to answer the questions continuously.