How does Online Exam Proctoring System work?

Under the influence of the pandemic, different from the traditional way, many schools have conducted exams in the online exam system. But some may ask that how the online exam system  prevents students from cheating. Well, most online exam systems have anti-cheating functions. For those who don’t know, the article will discuss how the online exam proctoring system works.

Generally speaking, most of the online exam systems have anti-cheating features, which may include no switching the screen, no interruption during taking an exam, entering full screen mode, no copying or pasting, supporting surveillance camera, face recognition and so on.

No Switching the Screen

Users can set the number of times that students are allowed to switch the screen during taking an exam. And once it is over the limit, the paper will be forcefully handed in, which will prevent students from switching the screen to search for the correct answers of the questions.

No Interruptions

Users can set the number of times that students are allowed to stop taking the exam. As long as the times limit is exceeded, the paper will be automatically submitted.

Full Screen Mode

After the full screen mode is set by the users, students’ computer will enter the full screen mode during taking the exam. And the students can not exit the full screen mode until they hand in their test papers.

No Copying or Pasting

Students can not copy the questions and paste the answers during taking an exam. Therefore, it will greatly reduce the behaviors of cheating.

Surveillance Camera Supported

Once the surveillance camera is turned on, it will capture all the actions of students. The function takes over the invigilating work of teachers in the past, which is quite a relief for teachers and it is rather convenient for teachers at a time like this.

Face Recognition

Before using the function, users should upload the student’s photo first so that when the student enters the exam, the system will scan the face of the student to match the the student’s photo. And if it doesn’t match, the student will not be able to take the exam, which will prevent students from taking exams for others.

With so many powerful anti-cheating functions, it is believed that online exam proctoring system can prevent students’ cheating effectively to develop a just and orderly test environment. Online exam proctoring system is worth a try.

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