Create a professional survey in minutes

Easy to create

Simplified process to make it easy to set up a survey

Personalized form builder

Create customized lead generation registration form flexibly

Easy to distribute

Distribute your survey via social channels, website, or e-mail

Powerful data collection

Collect all the data after the participants submit their questionnaires

Make a delicate online survey

Simple, professional & efficient</>

easy to create a survey

Customize basic information

Fill the title and description; Select the items of subjects you want to collect.

Flexible form components

Support to add multiple-choice questions and essay questions as well as uploading files; Easy to add and move every form components you need.

Permission setting of your survey

Limit the time and filling times; Support to set an access password for higher security.

Build a personalized survey in your style

Select a beautiful background and theme you like; Support uploading your company logo to create a unique style.

Issuing and data collecting

Multichannel issuing, accurate data collecting</>

Issue your questionnaire via social platform

Survey issuing and data collecting

Issue your questionnaire via a social platform, website, or e-mail quickly; Auto taking record of every valid collection.

Detailed records and accurate data

Real-time and detailed records including personal information; Support to export the records.

Issue your questionnaire via social platform

Statistical analysis with various charts

Insightful report with various charts</>

Detailed analysis of every questions

Statistical analysis report

Detailed analysis of every question; Choose to display the result with percentage or number data.

Combine data and graph

Display the result with various graphs; Support to download and print the graph to make an expressive survey report.