Single Sign-On OnlineExamMaker with Your Exists System

Single sign-on (SSO) allows candidates to log in their own system only and click on the online exam entrance to take exams without logging their candidate accounts again.

For example, one company has his own OA system and use SSO, an employee logs into the OA system, he can click the entrance of the exam in the system, that means, he can directly take exams without logging his candidate account again.

Ⅰ. SSO Interface to Exam

The SSO to Exam allows candidates to click the exam entrance directly on the user system to enter the exam, and no additional identity authentication is required.

(1) Request Interface

GET https://www.onlineexammaker.com/index.php?option=com_exams&task=api.newStudentSSO&format=raw

(2) Data Interface

code=accesscode&loginValue=loginfield&password=password&eid=exam ID

  • code: the verification code unique to each account, string type, please contact us to get it
  • loginValue: the login field for students’ account, if you set mobile phone number as the login account, then here is the mobile phone number
  • eid: the id of the exam

Ⅱ. SSO Interface to Candidate Panel

The principle of SSO to candidate panel is the same as the Exam’s. The difference is the eid. The eid here should be "0", or don’t put the eid here.


GET https://www.onlineexammaker.com/index.php?option=com_exams&task=api.newStudentSSO&format=raw&loginValue=13487361736&password=1294783&eid=0

When the system judges that eid is 0, it will automatically jump to the candidate’s panel.

Ⅲ. SSO Interface to Sub Admin Dashboard

The SSO to sub admin allows sub administrator to login their company’s system to enter the admin dashborad.

(1) Request Interface:

GET https://www.onlineexammaker.com/index.php?option=com_exams&task=api.childAdminSSO&format=raw

(2) Data Interface:


  • code: the verification code unique to each account, string type, please contact us to get it
  • email: the email address of sub administrator, required
  • password: the login password of sub administrator, required

After the sub administrator logs in successfully, the system will automatically jump to admin dashborad.