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Intelligent online proctoring software to meet various remote invigilation needs.

  • Create & customize exams in minutes
  • Face recognition for identity verification
  • Webcam monitoring and process recording
  • Randomize questions & shuffle answer options
  • Fully Automated Score & Delightful Reports
  • 100% security for exam and candidate data
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How to create and proctor an online exam?

Easy to create Easy to assess Easy to monitor

Step 1: Create an exam and add questions in multiple types.

Step 2: Customize the exam and set the anti-cheating functions.

Step 3: Launch and share the exam under intelligent monitoring.

Step 4: Check the automatic scoring result and insightful reports.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Verify the Identity of Candidates

Administrator is available to set AI-based face recognition to collect candidates' face images and compared them with their photos on the identity card, which can verify the identity of the candidates and prevent candidate impersonation. Moreover, you can check the option about one account only can be logged on one device at the same time to minimize the candidate impersonation possibility.

Setting the login license code is also an ideal way to validate the candidates. Only the candidates who submit the correct license code are allowed to attempt the exam.

Prevent Searching the Answers

Administrators can shuffle the order of questions and answer options displayed to each candidate or create a question pool to randomize questions, so that candidates are unable to exchange answers.

Lockdown browser and forbidding copy & paste operations can prevent the candidates from searching for answers in other windows, tabs, search engines, or software during the test.

Limiting the times of switching screen also helps to prevent the candidates from resorting to external help materials. Our intelligent system will end the ongoing exam automatically if it finds one switch the screen to search for answers.

Live Monitoring & Record Reviewing

Our intelligent proctoring software offers webcam monitoring for you to choose from, which can take photos and record videos to record the behavior of the candidates during the exam and rule out any cheating attempts. The webcam will capture and record the candidates for absence, unusual behavior, and log violations.

The exam proctors are available to load the photos and videos in real time. In addition, the activities log will also be hosted on the server, and they can be seen after the exam is complete as well.

Automate Scoring & Reporting

Not only will our AI proctoring software generate a detailed exam record report, but also automatically be graded with the results instantly available to students and offer insightful reporting data.

The AI-Powered report includes the pass rate, the count of correct, incorrect, and skipped answers, the average score, and so on. You can monitor the difficulty of the exam and the ability of the candidates efficiently.

In addition, the proctors can directly track the reports of a particular candidate and analyze the candidate's performance easily.

Integrate with Multiple Tools

Our one-stop proctoring software can integrate with the learning management system (LMS) and combines learning & testing & monitoring in one place. The administrators can create online courses to complete control of your training, and assess candidates before, during, and after training to improve knowledge retention, which will drive more leads and increase course sales.

OnlineExamMaker also supports proctoring software integrations with CRM tools and easily share the exam or course to social platforms, send public link to specific candidate groups via email & message, and so on.

Use As:

A few more reasons to try our online proctoring software

Time Limiting

The time of the exam or questions can be limited and the system will end automatically if the time is over.

Instant Feedback

Customizing and showing instant feedback can bring confidence to the candidates and promote their progress.

Access anytime & anywhere

Our smart software enables the candidates to access the exam anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Bulk Import

You can import multiple questions and all information about the candidates in bulk with specific format document templates.

Team Working

Administrators can ease their burden by adding assistance to create, score and monitor the exam together.

100% Data Security

Our Advanced SSL Certificate ensures the data of the exam and candidates are encrypted and 100% private.

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