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LAN Exam System

Our LAN exam maker (OnlineExamMaker On-Premise version) is suitable for enterprises, governments, training institutions and schools.

Updated Date: 2022-04-25 | Version:V4.19.0

System Support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS;
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Stable, Safe and Efficient LAN Exam System
Taking Exam on LAN

Taking Exam on LAN

Can be accessed via LAN, or External Networks.
Concise Operating Page

Concise Operating Page

Easy for users to operate and make a exam with comprehensive analysis.

Data Security

Data Security

100% data ownership. Used on the LAN. Automatic data backup.

Standard Version   VS   Professional Version

One-time payment & lifetime license

  • Standard version
  • Access to LAN
  • Up to 300 candidates taking the exam simultaneously
  • Only one administrator
  • Not support webcam proctoring to anti-cheating
  • 5×8 online email support
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  • Professional version
  • Access to LAN and Internet
  • Over 1,000 candidates taking exam simultaneously
  • No limit to the administrator
  • Add your logo, and addon domains
  • Support to upload radio and video
  • More Anti-cheating settings
  • 7×16 online support
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Features of Our LAN Exam Maker

Upload your Logo and addon domain

Customize Your Own Brand

Upload your brand Logo, personalized the background of the exams, and connect your own exam system with your company domain, you are able to create customized exam system with your brand experience easily.

high concurrency and a large number of candidates

Secure and High Concurrency

The system supports the exam with high concurrency, and can carry out exams simultaneously to 100,000 exam takers.

Exam organizers can build testing with random questions, simultaneously records videos, and take photos of all the candidates during the exam.

high concurrency and a large number of candidates
You can group all the candidates with different score ranking.

Comprehensive Statistical Analysis

You can group all the candidates with different score rankings. What is more, it is easy to make a comparative analysis about the scores of the students in many departments.

APACHE + MYSQL + GO, the system is simple to extend

Stable, Safe and Efficient

APACHE + MYSQL + GO, the system is simple to extend with high security and B/S mode, and can be used not only on the online network, but also on the LAN.

APACHE + MYSQL + GO, the system is simple to extend

Benefits of On-Premise Version

The operating page

User- friendly and easy to use

Reasonable structure and easy to manage

The operating page of OnlineExamMaker On-Premise version is easy to use, so users manage candidates, upload questions, and analyze exam results through the control center.

It is easy for users to get going with the human-based shortcut actions, and the administrators can master the examination dynamics quickly.

The LAN Exam Maker can be used not only on LAN

High Stability & Better Reliability


High data security and operational stability

Can be used via LAN and Internet; Support more than 100,000 students to take exam simultaneously.


Easy to install, automatic data backup

It will deployed automatically during installation process. Go to try your own exam system after installation!

The LAN Exam Maker can be used not only on LAN
One-click uploading candidates

Powerful Candidates Management System

One-click uploading candidates, multi-class permission management.

LAN Exam Maker supports import students from excel files; Candidates can register by themselves as well.

huge question bank

Online Question Bank Software


Support up to 10 question types

Multiple Choices of single option, Multiple Choices of multiple options, Multiple Choices of adventitious options, True or False, Fill in Blank, Essay Question, and Comprehension Questions. Learn more >


One click to upload questions in bulk

Bulk upload questions in Word or Excel documents. Auto identify the duplicated questions in the question bank.

huge question bank
Powerful Analysis System

Delightful Reports & Analytics


Analysis of each online test paper

You can get independent analysis of each online test paper and independent test report of each candidate.


Score query and ranking

Users can search the report according to the order, time, identity or any words related to it.


Export report and other data

Manager can export the answer sheets and answer lists of all the candidates; print or export the report card; export the grade table.

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