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Save time, money, energy to assess employees using an online evaluation tool.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cloud-Based: no installation required
  • Multiple question types supported
  • Advanced anti-cheating settings
  • Teamwork: assign grading to sub admis
  • Remote proctoring: test anywhere, any time
  • Auto grading: lighten workload for exam organizers

How to create an employee assessment

Easy to create Easy to share Easy to assess

Step 1: Add questions

Bulk add questions by uploading a Word or Excel document for your computer.

Step 2: Add candidate accounts

Organize your employee's account, profile, password in an Excel file and upload it to OnlineExamMaker.

Step 3: Personalize exam setting

Add questions and create an exam, then configure quiz time, access setting, and active date..

Step 4: Publish & share

Get a unique link about your published quiz, share it via email, social, and message.

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exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

AI-Based remote proctoring

Integrated with an AI-based remote proctoring tool, out employee evaluation software can automate the entire examination process and helps conduct virtual exams securely.

Proctor candidate's behaviors through their webcams in real time, monitor who started the exam, who is absent, who answered how many questions. You can check the proctoring records after the exam as well.

Candidate management system

The exam organizers are able to import multiple candidates from their computers to a group using the import excel feature.

You can categorize & segment candidates flexibly. You can assign each employee to a group or add tags to them for more advanced categorization according their departments, skills, seniority. The candidate categorization can be helpful for the administration of the assessment process and the retrieval of the exam reports.

Up to 10 question types supported

OnlineExamMaker offers up to 10 question types and formatting options to help HR create exceptional quizzes that test staff's ability and performance, including multiple-choice, essay, true or false, matching, file fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Select if the question is optional or required.

You can also add video, audio, images into the questions to create interactive exam experience. Make quiz more interactive and engaging that will inspire your employees easily.

Online LMS: conduct learning & testing together

An ideal LMS allows learning coaches to conveniently create courses on various topics as required for training purposes. Even if your company operates on a small scale, a proper LMS provided by OnlineExamMaker can offer options to consolidate all training programs to save you time and resources.

Easily create your own tests or assignments to evaluate your learners and your learning material. Assess your employees before, during, or after the training..

Why choose our employee evaluation software?

Question tagging

Add tags to users based on their answers. Tagging your learners helps you organize them and adjust their learning path.

Lockdown browser

Exam administrators can block the candidate from opening a new tab, accessing any other software or extention on the device, search on Google.

Pre-Exam Preparation

Verify exam taker's ID 30 minutes before the exam begins, and enable candidates check their facilities (computer, keyboard, microphone, camera) during this period of time.

Welcome screen

Welcome screen is a place where you can display company information, exam regulations to your employees before the exam.

Auto-Grading and reporting

The exams are automatically checked and the results are automatically made available to test takers.

Homepage builder

No coding required. Create stunning & engaging homepage with your own brand logo, theme, and add exams, courses to the homepage easily.

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