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Learning Management System

All-in-one online LMS to help teachers, trainers conduct & manage teaching, learning, and testing in one place.

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Learning + Testing

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Perfect for schools, training institutions & enterprises


Teaching + Exams

Enterprise Training

Training + Assessments

Learning schedule: learn, assess & grow

Learning paths

Easy to learn and grow. Instructors can create learning paths for employees or trainees at different stages.

Learning plans

Develop annual, quarterly, monthly, and daily learning plans for learners, track and manage their learning process.


Create interactive quizzes, and surveys to measure training effectiveness before, during, or after courses.


Motivate employees or trainees to continuously learn and improve their abilities.

Measure training effectiveness easily

Learn anywhere, anytime

  • Multiple types of courseware: Adding courseware such as audio and video, pictures, PPT, and PDF, and the course form is more abundant.
  • Multi-chapter course: Learners can study one chapter per day and then do the corresponding exercises.
  • Group learning: Create specific lessons for designated groups to make learning more targeted.
  • Learning materials download: Allows students to download learning materials for pre-course and post-course review.
  • Visualized data: View and analyze the learning progress of students directly.

Conduct training & testing in one place

  • Supports multiple question types: Ten types of questions, including audio and video questions, and formula questions, to meet the needs of different occasions.
  • Two modes to learn
    Practice mode: The administrator can insert practice questions after a certain knowledge point, and students must do it to continue learning the course.
    Exam mode: Test papers after a chapter or course to test the learning effect of students.
  • Track results & measure success: Exam data analysis, track learning activities and measure training effectiveness easily.

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