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How to create an online quiz for students?

Free to create Secure to test Easy to assess

Step 1: Create a quiz and fulfill the questions with the knowledge you teach.

Step 2: Add images, videos to questions, then custom the settings of the quiz to continue.

Step 3: Share the quiz as a link or QR code by email, social media or website.

Step 4: Get delightful reports to check the knowledge of the students.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Create Engaging & Interactive Quizzes

  • Teachers can manually put your students' knowledge to the quiz with our 10 flexible question types, such as Multiple Choice, Ture or False, Essay, and so on. You can also import questions by uploading Word or Excel in a specific format. It is worth noting that our powerful system enables maths or physics teachers to create professional questions with mathematical equations to assess students.

  • It is ideal to add images, videos, or audio to your quiz to make it more interactive and engaging. Adding vivid feedback, sending a certificate, and customizing the result page are also great ways to motivate your students instantly.

  • Don't forget to set and edit the points for each question so that our intelligent quiz maker can score & grade automatically.

Secure & Simple to Take the Quiz

  • There are multiple advanced quiz settings for teachers to complete a secure quiz and enable students to take the quiz anytime & anywhere.

  • For example, teachers can randomize the questions, limit the times of switching the exam or interruption times, use face ID verification, set webcam monitoring, or view screen recording to minimize the cheating possibility and keep the quiz fair and secure.

  • After completing the quiz setting, you can share the quiz with your students by email, website, or social media. It is worth noting that there is also no software installation or credit card required for taking the quiz. Students can use any mobile, tablet, or computer to take the responsive quiz anytime.

Manage the Students Easily

  • Teachers can bulk import multiple candidates' information and their photos to a group that does well to assign the created quiz to a specific student group to assess their knowledge and understanding directly. It is also available to export the students' testing records, learning records, or comparing data.

  • If you want to collect the information of the quiz candidates, you can set the information that candidates need to submit when entering the quiz like name, phone number, email, or other personal data.

  • Teachers can add sub-admin accounts to invite other teachers to work together and ease the effort. Sub-administrators can be assigned different privileges, such as managing students, grading the questions, customizing & editing the quizzes, and so on.

Monitor the Performance of the Students

  • Our intelligent quiz maker system can help you score and grade the students' quiz results and show you a detailed report instantly, which can help you monitor the performance and progress of the students and make sure your students are assigned to the right classes according to the ranking list.

  • The awesome real-time report will show you the basic quiz information, question data analysis, classification analysis, proctor log report during the quiz, and so on. Among them, the percentile, rank, average score, and other detailed data are efficient ways to help you assess the difficulty of the quiz and the performance of the students.

  • Moreover, the report can be downloaded and shared with others. You can also export the student's quiz page or print their score page.

Use As:

Why choose our online quiz maker?

Randomize Questions

Shuffle the order of questions displayed to students or create a question pool to randomize questions.

Delightful Certificate

You are able to use our template or add images, text, or fields to customize a delightful certificate.

Customize Result Page

You can choose to display the time taken, score, feedback, and personalize with your brand elements.

Quiz Notification

You can send text messages or emails to specific candidate groups in bulk to access the quiz.

Get the Result Instantly

Our quiz maker can automatically score and show you the result instantly as well as a detailed report.

Monetized your quiz

Sell quizzes on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops) via website or social channels to monetize your knowledge.

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