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  • Detailed Reporting Helps Improve Learning Outcomes
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How to create an online exam to test students?

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Step 1: Name an exam and add questions from scratch or import in bulk.

Step 2: Assign scores and customize the time, design, login options, etc.

Step 3: Share the exam with your students anytime & anywhere.

Step 4: Get automatic scores results and detailed reports & analytics.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Easy-to-use Exam Maker

  • Multiple Question Types: Choose from 10 question types and use the appropriate questions to fill with the knowledge that suits your needs, including Multiple Choice, Ture or False, Fill in the Blank, Essay, and so on.

  • Import Questions in Bulk: It is available to add questions from scratch in our question bank or import questions in bulk. There are two specific format excel or word document templates for you to choose and bulk import, which helps to save time and effort.

  • Customize A Delightful Exam: You can add images, videos, and audio to enrich the exam and engage more students. In addition, customizing some explanations for correct answers as instant feedback can provide an engaging interactive experience for your students, as well as helps to promote their progress.

Prevent Cheating Settings

  • Randomize the Questions: You can randomize the questions in the question pool or shuffle the order of questions to prevent students from exchanging answers with each other.

  • Intelligent Technology Functions: Our exam maker provides multiple advanced functions, such as AI-based Face ID Verification to identify the candidates, webcam monitoring to take photos or videos, lockdown browser to prevent students from searching for answers online, and screen recording to record videos or screenshots of students' screens during the exam.

  • Multiple Exam Settings: The limited time of interruption and switching the screen, forbiddance of copy and paste operations, and no option for returning to modify answers help to minimize the cheating possibility.

Flexible Sharing Options

  • Share Exam with Ease: You can choose to share the exam online or print it out for distribution. Our online exam maker provides automatic social media integration which enables teachers to share with their students online with our automatically generated link or QR code.
    Teachers can also notify the students to assess the exam by sending emails or messages, which does well to keep the exam private. We offer a notification template for your reference and you can edit it as your needs.

  • Share Exam without restriction: Our responsive exam interface enables students to access the exam using all devices, whether they are mobile phones, tablets, or computers. With our professional exam maker, teachers can share the exam anywhere & anytime.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

  • Pre-assign Scores: If you're creating a scored exam, you can pre-assign points to specific answers for each question. Our digital-friendly exam maker will score and grade the published exam automatically so that teachers can easily find out who's top of the class in a few seconds.

  • Get Advanced Reports: Access our statistics dashboard to get a detailed report which helps the teacher keep track of their student's progress in real-time and identify their knowledge gaps, such as how many students passed the exam, how many questions are answered correctly, and so on.

  • Download & Share the Report: The exam records and reports can be downloaded and shared to the students or other teachers for their reference.

Use As:

Why choose our online exam maker?

Complex Mathematical Equations

Math or physics teachers can add complex mathematical equations easily for a professional exam.

Delightful Certificate

Certificates can be customized to your style and distributed to boost student engagement and encourage students.

Make Exam Fun

Adding images, videos, or audio to each question and customizing the style of the background are available.

Manage the students

You can import the information of the students in bulk using the import excel feature.

Advanced analytics

Our detailed analytics can help teachers track the progress of the exam in real-time and learn about the student gaps.

Team Working

Teachers can set sub-administrators to invite other teachers to create, score or analyze the exam together.

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