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Powerful auto grading online assessment system helps teachers save time and efforts on testing students.

  • Auto grading & intelligent reports
  • Student management system
  • Question bank: bulk import questions easily
  • Cloud assessment platform: no installation required
  • Remote proctoring: test students outside of classroom
  • Interactive quiz experience with rich media
  • Distribute your assessments via email, social & SMS
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How to create an online assessment

Free to create Secure to test Easy to assess

Step 1: Add questions

Bulk import pre-made questions via a Word or Excel file from your device.

Step 2: Manage students

Import student accounts in bulk and segment them into different groups.

Step 3: Configure assessment setting

Set a time limit, a maximum number of test attempts, availability time, score of each question.

Step 4: Publish assessment

Save the settings, then publish the assessment and allow students to access the exam via link or QR code.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

AI-Base Prevent Cheating Technology

Randomize questions: Randomize the order of questions and shuffle answer options to ensure different student will take the same questions.

Apply screen lockdown: Stop candidates from switching browser tabs, opening software, searching question answers on Google.

Webcam proctoring: Teachers can monitor the behaviors of students lively via webcams. All the recordings videos of can be accessed and tracked after assessments.

Student management system

OnlineExamMaker online assessment software enables teachers to bulk import student accounts from their computers to a group using an Excel template.

The students can be segmented in different groups which can be used for testing on particular topic.
Our registration system allow students to set up their own individual username/password to login before the test via a registration form.

Assessment certification maker

Our exam system offers a certificate after students complete the online assessment, giving students evidence of their accomplishments and hard work.

Our certification maker provides pre-made certificate templates for teachers to edit custom easily. You can choose to design your own certification with your school logo or signatures.

Auto-grading & smart reports

If you pre-assign scores for correct answers, all the objective questions can be graded automatically after a student complete the assessment. This powerful function will help teachers reduce workload and save time, allows them get rid of the hard work and spend more energy on teaching.

In the student panel, students can easily monitor their progress and analyze their test performance which includes subjects, detailed reports, and score in form of graphical and pie chart representation.

Why choose our online assessment maker?

Online LMS

All-in-one learning system with assessment software and learning management system. Allowing teachers conduct learning and test at one place

Pay for exams

Students all over the world can easily purchase the required exams or courses from the dashboard using the secure payment gateways smoothly.

Disabled activities

Prevent printing activities, cut-copy-paste commands and browser extension activities, such as Google Translate, online dictionary.

Question pool

Create a question pool to randomize questions or change the order of questions to ensure students don't get the same set of questions each time.


Insert student username ID watermark into the exam to prevent to prevent candidate taking photos and share the exam content.

Exam schedule

Create a schedule for your assessment, configuring the start date, end date, and notice your students via email, message.

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