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  • Bulk import questions directly
  • Web-Based: test on any devices, anytime
  • Engage candidates with rich media quiz
  • Advanced anti-cheating settings
  • Brand identity: add brand logo, slogan
  • Teamwork: manage exams & grading with team members
  • Certification maker: create personalized certification for students
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How to create an online skill assessment

Easy to create Easy to share Easy to analyse

Step 1: Create assessment questions

Bulk import questions from a template file, or create questions from scratch.

Step 2: Assign scores & configure setting

Assign scores to the questions, set quiz time, registration form, test attempt times, and more.

Step 3: Publish & share

Save skill assessment setting, then publish it and allow the candidates to access the exam.

Step 4: Score & analyze

Our assessment platform will grade your test automatically and create detailed reports.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Up to 10 supported question types

OnlineExamMaker assessment system enables users to create up to 10 types to questions to test candidates. The flexible and convenient use of question types is important to assess candidates, include both subjective and objective questions.

Multiple choice questions: In multiple choice questions, candidates need to select a right option from a number of options. It is a kind of objective questions, which can be graded automatically after the quiz complete.

Question answered by typing text: For write-questions, Our online assessment software enables exam takers to write answer in a short or long text writing area .

True or false questions: True or false questions allow students to answer question by selecting either True option or False option during the assessment. You can personalize the options of "True or False" with "Yes or No", "Right or Wrong", etc.

Create interactive quiz experience with rich media

Images: Easily add images to the questions and question options, or directly upload full-screen background photos to add extra character to your quiz experience. A beautiful background image with your brand logo and service will make easy to create a beautiful and bespoke assessment experience.

YouTube videos: Using a YouTube video is a great and easy way to link to your videos through your YouTube account. Embed a YouTube video to your question in the drag & drop question editor, and allow the quiz takers to watch the video before they answer the question.

Automate your scores to save time

OnlineExamMaker's automate grading calculator can help exam organizers get exam score reports automatically and save hours of correction and scoring. You can also link to OnlineExamMaker's general report at the end of your quiz so your students can see how they compare with their peers.

Track individual trainer's performance in auto-generated reports, and view details such as the total time taken to complete the quiz, correct rate and incorrect rate, previous scores, and more.

AI-based anti cheating technology

Create professional skill assessment, then secure them and prevent cheating by configuring the anti-cheating settings in our online assessment software.

Face Id Verification: AI-powered face ID verification technology enables the online exam system to capture the image of the exam taker via webcam, and compare it with the candidate's profile photo which is uploaded before the exam.

Webcam Monitoring: The webcam will take photos and record video to monitor the candidate during the exam. The exam organizers can watch the proctoring photos and video in real-time.

Why choose our online assessment software?

Group testing

Bulk import candidate account to online assessment system and assess particular learners directly with a group.

LoginID fields

Custom the candidates' username-field that can be authorized to get into the exam, such as student IDs, employee numbers, email.

Grading teamwork

Assign grading task of different questions to different sub admins, and increase productivity via team work.

Proctoring report

View and analyze the proctoring videos and photos recorded during the exam, all the proctor logs are hosted on your cloud server.

Answer with editor

Allow the user to answer questions by using a rich text editor, such as typewriting, upload video or document.

Embed to website

Copy a few lines of codes to embed the online exams to your website or WordPress blog.

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