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How to create an online quiz

Free to create Secure to test Easy to assess

Step 1: Sign in and create a new quiz in the Dashboard, then add questions for your quiz.

Step 2: Set the time, login options and anti-cheating settings of the quiz.

Step 3: Share the quiz via links or QR code with your candidates.

Step 4: Get automatically score results and intuitive reports for free.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Create Interactive Quizzes with Ease

If you're looking to create interactive quizzes with just a few clicks, OnlineExamMaker is a great option for you. It has a question bank that houses all your quiz questions. Not only can you add & import multiple question types such as Multiple Choice, Ture or False, Fill in the Blank, Essay, and so on in our question bank, but also customize the question in minutes. You can decorate the quiz by adding images, videos, or audio to make it more interesting and engage more candidates.

In addition, instant feedback is an ideal way to interact with candidates and increase their motivation. You can customize some explanations for correct or incorrect answers when customizing the questions.

Set the Advanced Configuration Options

With multiple configuration options, you can limit the time of the whole quiz or each question, set the login options such as account login or license code login, decorate the certificate or result page, and so on, which helps to publish a professional quiz.

There's no need to worry about any cheating issues as long as you set our anti-cheating functions. For example, our AI-based face ID verification can verify the identity of the candidates and prevent unauthorized access. You can even monitor your candidates while they take their quizzes online with our webcam invigilation which will take photos and record videos. In addition, lockdown browser, randomize questions or shuffle answer options are also great choices.

Turn Candidates into Brand Advocates

Our quiz software is a great tool for brand promotion as you can inject the quiz with your brand logo, color, or theme and impress the candidates with your brand. For example, the welcome page and result page can be decorated with any brand elements as you like to give them a personalized experience and collect leads.

In addition to displaying your brand logo to candidates, you can also point the quiz page to your company domain and increase traffic to your website. We provide a code for you to embed on your website and the candidates can take the quiz on your website.

Do more with Quiz Software Integrations

With our one-stop quiz software, you can integrate many tools and save more time on important work. The learning management software enables you to create and manage courses & quizzes in one place. In addition, you can monetize the course and share them with the candidates via social media, website, email, or message to get monetary benefits.

Moreover, the quiz data can be connected with virtual infinite marketing and affiliate program to smooth your digital marketing workflow. It is a great tool to engage more candidates and increase sales.

Why choose our online quiz software?

Customizable Certificates

The certificates can be customized with quiz information, brand logo, company name, or favorite color and shown to the candidates.

Import Question in Bulk

You can import the questions in bulk using excel or word documents with specific formats in our question bank.

Delightful Reports

Our advanced will generate a detailed report with automatically scoring results and analysis data for free.

Manage Candidates with Ease

Our candidates' management permission allows sub-admins to add, edit, and manage the candidates together.

Data Security Guarantee

Our Advanced SSL Certificate ensures the quiz data and candidates' information are encrypted and 100% private.

Quiz Taken Times

You can configure how many times the candidates can take the quiz and reduce the risk of cheating.

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