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How to create & release an online exam certification

Easy to create Easy to assess Easy to issue

Step 1: Create a certification

Create a custom exam certification with your brand logo, company name, slogan, and more.

Step 2: Create an exam

Prepare & upload exam questions, create an exam and invite candidates.

Step 3: Score & analyze

Mark your exam automatically and generate free reports with detailed quiz data for grading.

Step 4: Issue certification

Issue custom certification with company info to each candidate according to his grade & performance.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Professional exam certification maker

Many online courses offer a certificate after a test is successfully completed, giving students evidence of their accomplishments and hard work.

OnlineExamMaker allows exam organizers to create and share a grade based certificate using our powerful certification builder. Certificates can include fixed and dynamic data fields such as a student's name, the date of completion, grade, date the certificate expires, or a unique certificate number.

Brand identity: add brand logo, slogan

OnlineExamMaker offers certificate templates for the quiz maker to customize with relevant data. Exam administrators can choose to design custom certification with your own company information, including organization's logo, signatures, website, slogan, and candidates' profile.

It is also possible to create a custom remark and the exam system will display it to the candidates who complete their test. The remark can include formatted texts, images, links, audio or video.

Download & share exam certifications

Exam takers are able to view their certifications instantly in their result page after they complete the exam. The certification is downloadable and can be saved on their own computers. In addition, candidates can check and download their exam certifications in an independent panel on

Integrated with social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, exam takers can share their certifications with audience directly. What's more, teachers can also send online exam certificates by email to exam takers after the exam.

Learning management system for both testing & training

OnlineExamMaker can also enable users to manage courses and exam questions under a single platform. With some clicks, teachers can create online courses as well to completely control training. This is ideal for assessing students before, during and after training, making it an engaging learning experience. With this powerful LMS tool, trainers can certificate learners after a course or quiz. It's a great way to measure performance and motivate learners.

Why choose our online certification maker?

Add questions

Import a series of questions from your question bank and add them to an exam when you are preparing an exam. Filter question via category, tags.

Instant feedback

Display the feedback & analytics for correct or incorrect answers instantly after a question is answered.

Share to social

Share online exam, or certification with audiences on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more.

10 question types

Support up to 10 different types of questions, including multiple choice, true-false, fill in the blanks, subjective, match matrix and more.

Randomize questions

Prevent cheating by randomizing questions or changing the order of questions, so learners don't get the same set of questions each time.

Sell exams & courses

Easily monetized your knowledge online. Configure the e-commerce setting in your console, then you can start making money easily by creating a paid assessment.

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