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How to Manage the Articles?

Users can add articles to publish agency notices, activity content, industry information, and promotional articles.

How to publish an Article on online exam sites?

1. Create Article Category

Enter 【Home Page】——【Articles】click 【New root category】, a category can be added after editing the name of the category, which is convenient for managing the articles;

create category


2. Add Article

Step 1: Start adding the article. Firstly select an article category, click 【Add article】 under this category to start editing an article;

add article


Step 2: Set the article cover. Users can customize the cover of the article, and it is recommended to upload a picture that corresponds to the subject of the article;

change image


Step 3: Edit the title and content. The edit bar of the main text provides editing tools such as bold font, underline, adding tables, hyperlinks, pictures, etc.;

edit the article


Step 4: Save and  publish. After editing the article, click 【Preview】 to preview the article and click 【Save and Publish】 to publish the article.

publish the article

How to Manage the Articles ?

Enter 【Home Page】— 【Articles】, view the published articles and drafts. Operations are supported such as viewing, copying links, editing, deleting, and moving categories.

manage article


How to View the Articles?

Enter the homepage, click 【Articles】, and the published articles can be viewed.

view articles


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