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How to customize my Home Page?

In the home page, users can make settings on 5 sectors: Header, Display contents, Banners, Advertisements, Footer.
Let’s have a general view on it.

How to customize Home Page?

Sign in and enter the Home Page setting.

1 Header Information

Two settings on the header: logo and header title.
User can upload pictures in jpg. jpeg. png. with 183*53 pixels, not exceeding 200kb.

2 Display Contents

①Just show the student login page: when opening the home page, it only provides a login page for students to log in.
②Whether to show the unavailable exams: unavailable exams are those exams cannot be taken any more. Users can show them in home page to offer others a reference.
③About the showing exams, users can choose whether to show their taken times. Besides, you can choose up to 10 exam categories.

3 Banners

Users can add up to 4 groups of banners.
For website page: users can upload pictures in jpg. jpeg. png. with 1920*476 pixels, not exceeding 2MB.
For mobile page: users can upload pictures in jpg. and png. with 630*300 pixels, not exceeding 2MB.

4 Advertisements

Users can choose whether to show the advertisements. Users can upload 4 sets of advertising pictures and links.
Users can upload pictures in jpg. jpeg. and png. with 386*220 pixels, not exceeding 1MB.

5 Footer Information

At the footer, users can attach some contact information in provided 3 modules.
There are 3 modules provided in Online Exam Maker: Contact us module, Link list module, and Graphic module, for offering information like users’ phone number, address, company information, exam score inquiry and so on.

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