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Certificates Function Instruction

When using OnlineExamMaker to organize examinations, the system provides the candidates with a specific certificate after they complete the examination and reach the specified score. Candidates can view, print, and export the certificate.

How to create a certificate?

1. Open Templates in Certificates and click Add certificate;

2. Fill in the certificate name and certificate type on the left side of the certificate editing page, you can select a public template in Replace template on the right, or customize the template;

3. After selecting a certificate template, the user can edit the size and the location of the picture of the certificate template in the toolbar on the right;

4. The user can also edit the content of the certificate template; select the content in the template, a toolbar will appear on the right; you can edit the content, font, size, color, etc.; you can also add custom content and custom pictures.

The fields of [Name] and [Date] in the template do not need to be modified. After setting the exams that need to be issued for certification, the system will automatically replace the information in each certificate as long as the issuance conditions are met.

5. After the certificate is edited, click the “Preview” button at the top right of the page to preview the certificate. In the preview page, the field information will be displayed as the actual field style, and the layout can be adjusted according to the preview.

How to view and manage certificates?

On the Issued page of Certificates, you can see the issued certificates and candidates who have obtained the certificates; you can search by keywords, filter certificates by subject, and export certificates individually or in batches;

Click the Templates of the Certificates, you can see the certificate template, which can be edited, copied or deleted.

How to automatically issue certificates to qualified candidates?

In the Exams List of Exams, find the exam that needs to be set up and click the Settings;

Click to enter Certificate setting, tick the box of Open the certificate issuance, set the score value, and select the certificate;


  • The Account login exam must be set to enable the certificate setting.
  • The score value should be set. Only when the score is higher than the score value will the exam certificate be displayed. If the score is lower than this score, the exam certificate will not appear.

Effect Picture

When the test score of the candidate is higher than the set score, the system will automatically jump out of the test certificate.

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