Remote Proctoring Tool

Secure AI-Based proctoring software to prevent cheating and ensure exam integrity for remote assessment.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • AI-Powered Face ID Verification Technology
  • Advanced anti-cheating configurations
  • Remote proctoring - test learners anywhere, anytime
  • Live webcam monitoring
  • Lockdown browser: prevent cheating activities
  • Exam activities log: record activities of candidates
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How to create a remote proctoring quiz

Free to create Easy to track Easy to analyze

Step 1: Create Quiz & Add Questions

Import multiple questions to create an online quiz in our system.

Step 2: Add candidate accounts

Bulk import candidates from their computers to a group using the import excel feature.

Step 3: Webcam setting

Allow students to download lockdown browser, configure webcam for the online exaam.

Step 4: Exam activities log

Check exam taker's activity records after the exam to find any potential cheating activity.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Facial recognition face ID advanced technology

Face ID provides intuitive and secure authentication enabled by our online exam system with advanced technologies to accurately map the geometry of your face.

AI-powered face ID verification technology enables the online exam platform to capture the image of the exam taker via webcam, and compare it with the candidate's profile photo which is uploaded before the exam.

Online webcam monitoring: proctor anywhere

The webcam will take photos and record video to monitor the candidate's activities during the exam, which allows exam administrators to view the photos and video in real-time. The proctoring photos and videos records will also be hosted on the server for further analyze.

The exam administrator can record videos or take screenshots of candidate's screens during the exam. The quiz organizers can view the screenshots in real-time. They can also get access to the screenshots after the test is done.

Lockdown Browser

OnlineExamMaker system develops a customized browser for candidates to access the exams to prevent the potential cheating behaviors and increases the security of test. The lockdown browser will enforce the user to move into fullscreen mode before starting the test. It is a perfect way to prevent the user from opening other browser tabs, searching answers on Google, using chrome translate extension, or clicking software during the test.

Advanced exam access setting

Create and distribute secure online Exams & assessments with advanced anti-cheating settings such as randomize questions, time limits, registration form and more. The public exam can be shared to social platforms, and embed into website.

You can also protect your exam with passwords to avoid unauthorized access. Define how candidates can be authorized to get into the exam: access code, username & passwords, student IDs, employee numbers.

Why choose our remote proctoring tool?

Live remote proctoring

Proctor candidates via their webcams in real time, monitor what candidates are doing, and all the living activities on candidates' screens.

Private exam access

Genetate access codes for for a specific candidate group. Exam takers have to input an access code to enter the exam.

Question pool

Create a question pool through the question bank and display the question randomly to different candidates in the exam.

Registration form

Allow candidates to set up their own individual username/password to login, and they are able to check the exam report in the exam taker panel.

Embed into website

Simply copy and insert a few lines of embed codes to display your online exams on your website or WordPress blog.

Multiple language support

Define the interface language of the online exam system to be used in the user interfaces throughout the assessment process.

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