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How to create an online test

Easy to create Easy to test Easy to grow

Step 1: Add questions

Bulk import questions from your computer or create questions from scratch.

Step 2: Enrich your exam

Add rich media (video, audio, photos, etc) to your questions in the question editor.

Step 3: Personalized settings

Configure quiz time, access setting, invitation emails, register form, active date.

Step 4: Publish & distribute

Get a unique link about your released test, share it via email, social, or SMS message.


exams are taken on our online exam platform monthly.


of time that an exam administrator can save from every exam.


questions are uploaded by users and hosted on our server.

Simple and easy to use

By simplifying the process of creating interactive and brilliant-looking tests, quizzes, and exams using an intelligent AI, OnlineExamMaker has become people's preferred choice. When it comes to quick yet accurate assessments, whether it is for a group of students or employees in a company, people rely on a software-based solution. That is when OnlineMaker comes into mind because it is deemed as an all-in-one platform to create all kinds of quizzes without any hassles.

Test exam takers anywhere anytime

After your test goes to live, you can share the released exam to public via email, social channels, and SMS message. You can also share the scannable QR code and allows candidates to scan QR code to assess the test.

OnlineExamMaker creates mobile friendly exams & tests for users on smartphones and tablets, which makes sure exam takers get instant access to tests anywhere, anytime.

Interactive & engaging test experience

With our rich text question editor, test organizers can enrich their tests with multimedia and give students an engaging learning experience with ease.

Easily format text and add media to your test Introduction text, questions, and feedback, deliver exceptional testing experience that will engage candidates at the first sight.

Intelligent prevent cheating technology

With 30+ anti cheating settings, such as limit quiz time, randomize questions and answer options, OnlineExamMaker helps teachers prevent cheating activities smartly.

Moreover, you can enable webcam proctoring during the test. The webcam will take photos and record video to monitor the candidate during the exam. The exam organizers can view the photos and video in real-time. The photos and videos will also be hosted on the server, and they can be seen after the test is complete as well.

Why choose our online test maker?

Group testing

Assign the created test to a group containing multiple candidates to assess particular learners directly.

Embed to website

Simply copy and insert a few lines of embed codes to display your online tests on your website or WordPress blog.

Test certification

Design personalized test certificates with your company logo, certificate title, description, date, candidate's name, marks and signature.

Repeating quiz times

Configure how many times the user can attend an exam. The same quiz can be taken only once or many times.

Question Tags

You can use tags to group your questions based on similar details. Easily filter the questions defined with a particular tag.

Automatic grading

OnlineExamMaker grades tests automatically & instantly, and allow administrators to access to detailed results reports and statistics.

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