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The get started tutorial

Please read the get started tutorial when downloading the system

1. After donwload the installer, double click to start install, click next and next, you will finish installing, will enter to the service manager page

LAN Exam System service manage screenshot

2. Click the "Open Dashboard" button, get into the dashboard, Click the Exams-> Exams List, you will see the new exam button, click it, start the four steps of exam creation:

the dashboard screenshot

3. The first step: Enter title of the exam, descriptions, choose the image of exam

create a new exam

4. The second step: add some questions, we recommend you use Excel or Word to batch import hundreds of questions.

enter title of the new create exam

5. The third step: do some customization for your exam

settings screenshot of a exam

6. The fouth step: Publish the exam. After publish, you can share your candidates with the URL or QR Code of the exam.

Click publish to view the url

7. Click the exam title to fastly get the URL and QR code of exam.

Get the exam's URL and QR code

Uexamination LAN examination system supports Linux, supported distributions include: Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Youexamination LAN examination system uses Docker container technology (if docker is not installed on the system, please install it first), it saves a lot of dependency installation, making the whole use process and maintenance process Convenient, efficient and easy to use.

Decompress Youkaoshi Linux version

Unzip after downloading:

mkdir -p /tmp/yks-lanexammaker && tar -C /tmp/yks-lanexammaker -xvf yks-lanexammaker-latest.tar.xz && cd /tmp/yks-lanexammaker
After successful decompression, import the image through docker (if docker is not installed, please refer to: Docker — from entry to practice</ a>)
docker load -i yks-lanexammaker-4.3.5.img

After importing, execute the in the downloaded file package


Note: When running, please do not use the root user, please use a normal user.

After the container runs successfully, you need to open the following link to initialize the database for the first execution:


After the initialization is successful, the system will enter the quick start tutorial of "Starting to use Uexam".

The system can be used normally

If you have any questions or encounter any problems in the above process, please feel free to contact our customer service for service. At the same time, we also provide technical hosting services. You don't need to know any technology. We will build the online examination system for you and provide follow-up maintenance services throughout the whole process, allowing you to focus on your business.

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