This is the quiz maker you need

Powerful system to build massive question banks easily

Four steps to create quizzes flexibility, organize an exam is so easy

Intelligent test marking system, score will be shown quickly after test

Professional and powerful data analysis and reporting

Easily build a massive question bank
and create a quiz with no effort

Accurately import test questions in batches without any complicated steps

A variety of question types

Basic question types: multiple choice questions, more-than-one-answer questions, indefinite multiple choice questions, true or false, fill in the blank, essay questions, ranking questions, matching questions, cloze questions, comprehension questions
Expanded question types: questions with pictures, audio, videos and mathematical formula

Flexible and diversified question bank management, easy to manage test questions

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Flexible quiz making, organizing exams are no longer difficult

Three types of paper forming mode to choose from, differentiating test papers and preventing cheating

Four steps to finish creating the quiz in five minutes

Multiple test paper custom settings, suitable for many quiz scenarios

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Intelligent scoring , reduce workload

Flexible and intelligent scoring, system supports to score automatically or manually

Immediate scoring for objective questions, subjective questions will be scored according to key words

Multiple administrators can be arranged to mark the test paper to improve work efficiency

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Data statistics in the background without manual analysis

System generates various data, such as passing rate, average score, number of candidates tested, etc., the quiz situation is clear

Ranking status and candidates’ transcripts can be exported, don’t need to count test results manually

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