6 Best Auto-Grading Online Test Creators for Teachers

Have you ever experienced checking test after test? Or computing piles over piles of test results? Grading tests individually is such a hassle and a time killer. Just the very thought of sifting through a ton of exams is draining! You already put effort and energy into making the tests and monitoring your students. And there is hardly anything left when it comes to checking. As teachers, we’re always kept on our toes. But of course, teachers are only humans too!

Fortunately for us humans, we have the assistance of technology! We can use it to our advantage and reduce our workload. With the outset of the latest software, we can break free from the dreadful working cycle. The beginning of online learning has brought solutions made for teachers and learners! Saving resources, time, and energy at the same time! Here are the six best auto-grading online test creators:


online test software
Starting at the top is OnlineExamMaker. OnlineExamMaker has an automated grading system that does the dirty work for you! With Online Exam Maker, exams and tests are automatically graded after the tests. The results are instantly available and sent to your students. In that way, you won’t have to spend hours grading! OnlineExamMaker is a time and energy-efficient software. The precious time used on grading can now serve better purposes! It increases your productivity and decreases your workload.

You can send comments on your learners’ answers to make the test system more engaging. OnlineExamMaker allows you to track individual learner performance with its auto-generated reports. With this, you can identify the areas they need to improve. And the areas where they stand out in. You can view details such as the total time of the quiz attempt, the number of attempts made, previous scores, and more. With OnlineExamMaker, the workflow is seamless and smooth!

Unique Features:
● Automated Grading Software
● Advanced and Insightful Reports
● AI-Powered Anti-Cheating System
● Remote Proctoring Feature
● Accessibility and Flexibility


Coming in second is FlexiQuiz. FlexiQuiz is an online exam generator software that enables you to publish your tests online. With FlexiQuiz you can create tests and quizzes to send your students. You can analyze the results of each test with ease. It also allows you to create online exams with multiple-choice patterns. And a range of formatting choices to create other designs for test patterns. You can publish your test in a customized manner for selected individuals.

With FlexiQuiz, this software includes an auto-grading feature that provides powerful reports. FlexiQuiz’s features are handy. It doesn’t need any complicated coding or designing experience. In that way, you won’t be bothered by creating quiz content from zero. It also allows you to make your quizzes more interesting by adding media like GIFs, images, videos, and audio!

Unique Features:
● Multiple Questions Formats and Templates
● Multimedia Options
● Advanced Analytics and Reporting options
● Auto-Grading with Automatic Results


Third on the list is ClassMarker. ClassMarker is a quiz-making software made for educational purposes. Its easy-to-use web interface permits you to conduct exams online. You can start using this platform on its website because registration is free! This software is safe and skillfully designed to conduct quizzes, tests, and exams. With ClassMarker, you can modify your online test solution to suit your learners’ needs. Its test settings can be easily used and understood.

ClassMarker has a certified professional web-based system that is user-friendly. It has a simple interface that is helpful even if you’re a beginner. You can customize online tests and have them graded immediately! ClassMarker can save you from hours of paperwork!

Unique Features:
● Private and Public Option
● Immediate Test Results
● No Software Installations Required
● Automatic Results are Viewable in Real Time
● Customizable Test Options


The following online test maker is Evalbox. Evalbox is a new free online test creator that allows you to execute exams smoothly. Its software makes sure that the result of exams is unbiased. Not only does Evalbox create and manage online exams, but it manages paper exams too! You can try its software for free and watch a video to see how it works. This software helps grade and organize the test results through an archive.

Evalbox uses automation 24/7 to conduct exams and produce good results! It transforms results into full grading sheets, which you can easily view and use.

Unique Features:
● Online and Paper Exams
● Paper Auto-Grading
● Random Quiz Generation
● Auto-Archiving
● Advanced Anti-Cheating System


Next in line is ProProfs which is another experienced test maker! ProProfs has a background in conducting online exams and quizzes. This software is handy and permits you to make tests efficiently. You can even customize the pattern of your test to your liking. ProProfs is flexible and can be accessed on any device too! It provides reports and analyses on the test performance of your students.

ProProfs test creator allows you to customize your tests with images, themes, and backgrounds to make your quizzes engaging! Like other testing platforms, ProProfs offers multiple question types. Once your student chooses an answer, they’ll receive instant feedback! And just like that, the results are automatically graded too!

Unique Features:
● Drag and drop interface
● Ready-Made Templates
● Custom Completion Certificates
● Scored or Personality Quizzes
● Computerized Grading Method


Last but not least is ConductExam. ConductExam is another promising online testing software for students and teachers! It is an interactive testing platform that makes assessments easier for you. You can use this software to conduct exams all in one place! ConductExam enables you to create tests even in a center, using a computer, or even offline. It provides incredible test software that can cater to all your testing needs!

You can coordinate different types of exams for different patterns and organizations. It has a self-made ‘Create, Share, and Analyze’ feature that makes test-making easier. Once testing is done, students will automatically get the marks for their exams in no time! With ConductExam, you can estimate and evaluate your students’ skills and abilities!

Unique Features:
● 24/7 Support System
● Computer-Based Offline Tests
● Mobile/Tablet Application
● Automatic Grading Method