The Key to Training Success: Top 7 Candidate Assessment Software for Trainers

As a trainer, you need to be able to evaluate your candidate’s potential from a wide variety of data points. By using the best assessment software for trainers, you can make better decisions about whether their training will meet their goals and needs.

Why Use Candidate Assessment Software?

As a trainer, you want to find the best candidates for your training program. You want to ensure they are qualified and will benefit from the training. Candidate assessment software is an efficient way to screen candidates before they even come in for an interview.

A good candidate assessment tool will allow you to collect information about each candidate that can help with their selection. This includes their qualifications and skillset, as well as their personality traits and work preferences–all valuable data points when making hiring decisions!

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Worrying has to stop now because we’ve scoured the web to find the top 7 candidate assessment software for trainers, and here they are:


Online Exam Maker is a powerful online LMS that allows you to create and administer exams online. The platform offers an array of features to facilitate the training process, including:

● It prevents cheating by enabling you to set up secure exams with multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, essay writing, and more.
Automates grading, so you don’t have to manually score paper tests or enter scores into a spreadsheet one at a time.
● Provides insightful reports on candidate performance so they can see where they need improvement to pass future assessments with flying colors!

The best part? It’s built for large-scale examinations – so if your organization trains thousands of people each year (like ours), this tool will work seamlessly with your needs!

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TestGorilla is a test platform that allows you to create and administer online tests for your candidates. And it has all these features!

● Language proficiency testing. TestGorilla can help you assess your employees’ language skills in multiple languages, allowing you to see how they compare against other employees and benchmark them against industry standards.
● Cognitive ability testing. This feature allows recruiters to test candidates’ analytical thinking abilities and knowledge in finance or marketing. It also helps determine whether or not someone has the right aptitude for the role they’re applying for (e.g., if someone needs more focus on detail).
● Bias-free approach: TestGorilla uses advanced technology at every stage of its process, so it can eliminate any potential bias during data analysis or reporting–allowing recruiters with no prior experience working with technology solutions like this one to access all their results without having any doubts about their validity!

Thrive Map

Thrive Map is a powerful candidate assessment software that helps you to hire the right people. It has rich features, including:

● Fair screening and scoring of applicants
● ATS integration
● Feedback scores are received for every candidate, allowing you to compare different candidates against each other. What’s more? You can even export this data into Excel or Google Sheets! The options are endless here!

What are the limitations of Thrive Map? Well…there aren’t many! This tool is easy-to-use and provides great value for money because it offers so much functionality in one place – which means less time spent trying out other products (and more time doing something productive).


Harver is an online assessment platform that helps you evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities. It’s easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and can be set up in minutes.

You can create tests and quizzes in minutes and publish them on the web or embed them on your website. Harver provides valuable data about your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses with detailed reports that include actionable insights into their performance levels so that you can make better hiring decisions faster than ever!


Codility allows you to create and host tech interviews on the fly. It’s a great tool for recruiters who want to screen candidates online but need more time to set up an entire testing environment.

Codility provides reliable scoring for candidates, saving you from having to score each test yourself manually. If you’re looking for an easy way to host tech interviews with candidates across different time zones or locations, this is your best option!


Vervoe is an online assessment maker that helps you hire the best talent. Vervoe offers a wide range of assessments for all experience levels, from entry-level to executive. This includes:

● Bias free
● Rewarding
● Customizable (with different languages and cultures)

No cost of hiring a recruiter because they handle everything! It’s also easier on candidates because they don’t have to go through multiple rounds of interviews with different people or companies–the process happens in one place at once.


Pymetrics is a platform that uses neuroscience to help employers assess their candidates’ cognitive and emotional intelligence. It provides feedback on the skills of empathy, attention, creativity, and other workplace-related competencies.

The company says its assessments are useful for hiring or training because they provide an unbiased way to measure performance based on actual ability rather than self-reported grades or personality tests. The resulting data can then be used by recruiters to identify candidates who are a good match for certain jobs while helping employers find the right fit within their organization.

Benefits of Using Candidate Assessment Software

● You can identify the best candidates.
● You can hire the right people.
● You can reduce your costs and increase profits by reducing staff turnover, improving productivity and employee satisfaction, and reducing training costs through more effective recruitment practices that don’t rely on subjective interviews or gut feelings but rather an objective assessment of skills, competencies, and experience relevant to your needs.
● The software helps you improve business results by enabling better decisions by managers who can make more informed choices about hiring decisions based on clear data from objective assessments instead of relying solely upon interviews or gut feeling, which may not always be accurate reflections of how candidates will perform in their jobs once hired (and sometimes even after starting).

Candidate assessment software is a great way to help you find the best candidates for your company. We hope that this list of 7 top tools will give you some inspiration on how to use them!