Online exam software with AI Proctoring

AI proctoring, i.e. artificial intelligent proctoring provided by online exam software, can prevent students from cheating effectively.

What is the advantages of using AI Proctoring?

To use the AI Proctoring to conduct an online exam, there is no need for invigilators to proctor exams, which is especially good for high-stakes exams. Also, an online exam with AI algorithms ensure test integrity and deter impersonation attempts.

What do we need to use AI proctoring?

The only requirement for candidates to use AI Proctoring during the exam is to have a webcam attached to their computer, and a stable Internet connection.

What can AI Proctoring achieve? How does it work?

Firstly, to make AI Proctoring work, surveillance camera and face recognition function should be enabled. And then the users can turn on the intelligent anti-cheating monitoring function. Multiple people, ghost writers, malpractices of the exam taker and the sound environment of the exam can all be detected by the system, which will effectively prevent any aberrant behaviour during the exam.

Multiple people can be detected by the camera

The administrator can set how many times the system will give a warning if more than one person in front of the camera is detected by the system before the candidate get automatically terminated due to misconduct.

Ghost Exam Taker will not work

Face recognition will be on during the whole exam period. Thus, if a ghost exam taker is detected by the system, the system will give a warning and if the warning count is reached, the system will terminate the exam. Therefore, the ghost exam taker will not be able to go on taking the exam.

Malpractices will be detected

Suspicious behaviour, such as bowing or turning head can be detected by the system and will be regarded as cheating behaviour. Thus, candidate can not bow or turn his or her head to look for answers in the reference book.

Sound environment of the exam can be detected

The administrator can set the times that the system will give a warning if the sound detected is louder than the sound level set. If it reaches the times, the system will hand in the paper automatically. Therefore, exam taker can not listen to others’ opinions to take the exam.

The AI Proctoring can also be used during an online exam along with other anti-cheating functions, such as screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions and pasting content to strengthen the effect of invigilation.

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