Online exam software for E-learning

E-learning is a learning solution that goes beyond traditional training paradigms. Current education and training institutions have also begun to develop this online education model, which is more convenient and faster.

Is there any online exam software for E-learning?

With the help of our online examination software-OnlineExamMaker that enables E-learning, users can  organize online courses and online examinations for students to learn anytime and anywhere.

Let’s take a look at what functions the online exam systemhave for E-learning.

Generally, the traditional examination model takes much time, and requires test question preparation, test paper printing, test room arrangement, scoring, and announcement of results. OnlineExamMaker completely overcomes the above shortcomings, which not only saves costs, but also reduces the time for scheduling exams, and also improves safety.

In terms of organizing exams, we can completely abandon the tedious process of making test papers, and it only takes four simple steps to publish an exam by using the online exam system. In addition, the method of grouping test papers is very flexible. You can easily control fixed test papers, random test papers or combined test papers.

The system can set attributes such as test paper validity period, test times, test description, test content, result page, answer setting, and test question content. We can use it for different exam scenarios according to different settings.

What is more, its intelligent auto marking and statistical analysis can reduce the workload of managers. The system will generate accurate test reports and transcripts, and users can export all the records after the test.

In fact, E-Learning does not mean to completely replace the traditional teaching method, but constantly collides with the traditional teaching, gradually integrates in the collision, continuously supplements.

E-Learning’s “E” stands for electronic learning, efficient learning, easy-to-use learning, etc., which fully demonstrates its convenience. Our online examination software can perfectly realize these characteristics, and help the education and training industry to better promote E-learning.

If you are unable to do online education because of lacking effective tools, then you may wish to try our OnlineExamMaker!

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