How Online Exam Maker Provides Secure Online Exam Proctoring Measures?

online exam proctoring software

What is Online Exam Proctoring?

Now online exam proctoring software has been around in different formats. With Online Exam Proctoring, a candidate will be monitored online during the test duration typically with the help of online proctoring measures.

Online exam proctoring enables students to write a test honestly online in a remote location while maintaining the integrity of the test. These proctoring measures are then used to flag any irregular student behavior.


How Online Exam Maker Provides Secure Online Proctoring Measures?

Online Exam Maker(OEM) owns the strongest online proctoring measures. With our online exam proctoring measures, almost all online cheating behaviors can be prevented.


Online Proctoring Measures that Online Exam Maker Provides:

Live online proctoring

The test will be monitored in real-time via a webcam and the administrator can monitor it online in the background. Enable real-time monitoring, the background would capture photos of candidates during the exam, the administrator can view the real-time monitoring in the background. If the administrator once found cheating, he can send the candidate a warning or stop the candidate’s answering.

online exam proctoring software

Face recognition

Face recognition is required before entering the exam to prevent others from taking the exam for cheating. Candidates can enter the test after successful recognition and match. Face recognition can prevent exam substitution effectively, which can be used before entering the test.

face recognition

Intelligent Proctoring

After the intelligent anti-cheating test is turned on, the examinee will turn on the camera throughout the test, face recognition will be performed every minute.  Once the system detects that the candidate has suspected cheating, Warning will be given immediately or the test will be compulsorily submitted if the exceed the cheating limit.

intelligent anti cheating

Whole Screen Occupying

Candidates will enter the full-screen mode when taking examinations. They are not allowed to switch the exam page before finishing the exam.

screen occupying

Restrict screen switching

Set the limit of screen switching, the system will issue a warning if the limit is exceeded, and the candidates will not be allowed to continue the test.

limit switching

Fairness needs to be ensured in online exams. If the fairness of the exam is compromised, the results of the exam will not accurately reflect the actual ability of the candidates.

So when choosing an exam system, organizers must choose a platform with powerful proctoring functions like OEM. In addition to the above anti-cheating features, OEM also provides anti-cheating features such as account restrictions, random questions, and time-limited answers, prohibit copying, etc.

If good proctoring measures are needed for your online exam, welcome to use Online Exam Maker.

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