A Way to Build a Unique Online Exam System without Code

With the development of technology, traditional exams are more often found in schools, both for companies and schools. For companies, online exams are becoming an increasingly popular method of recruitment and assessment. The use of online exam system reduces the investment of manual labor and improves the efficiency. Some companies will purchase a mature examination system to conduct online examinations, while some choose to create their own examination system. Let’s see how someone without an R&D team and no knowledge of code can create an exam system that can build a corporate brand. Here we use Online Exam Maker as a tool to explain.

Create a custom domain

Users can create their own unique domain for the examination system in Online Exam Maker, which can enhance your brand image and show the strength of the enterprise. For specific methods, please refer to: https://onlineexammaker.com/kb/tutorials/setup-custom-domain-for-home-page/.

Set up a personalized display page

In Online Exam Maker, users can set the company’s homepage, which mainly includes these elements: slideshow, graphic ads, banner ads, exam display, text and news display.

  1. Information display

In this section, you can add 5 images and set up jump links, they will be displayed at the top of the home page, we call it slideshow. Your candidates click on the picture to jump to the corresponding page. In this section you can present the latest advice that you want candidates to know about.

online exam system

  1. Ads serial

There are two sections on your homepage where you can display your ads, graphic ads and banner ads. They have a limit on the number of images uploaded, but they can all add jump links. It provides a great avenue for exposure to other pages of the user’s website.

  1. Exam display

In this part, users can select the exams that are currently being carried out or the representative exams and display them on the homepage, so that candidates can quickly find the exam papers they need.

online exam system

  1. Text display

Users can write articles to promote their website, and these articles can be displayed in this section. In addition, some commonly used exam information can also be displayed here in the form of articles.

  1. News display

This part can show your business consulting, which is more conducive to showing the strength of the enterprise.

It’s not difficult to create a unique online exam system, Online Exam Maker can easily do it for you, don’t you want to have an exam system that can build a brand? Then go to Online Exam Maker to create a unique test system.