7 Best Online Classroom Quiz Software with Automated Proctoring

Online quizzes have also brought many conveniences to the student and teachers. It made it easier to compile all the results, even though the number of questions is a lot, it also made it easier for students to answer the quiz, and it made it easy to share with people as their reviewers or a reference in creating other quizzes. This improvement from the usual examinations has made things easier for everyone.

Unfortunately, as improvement comes in online quizzes, so does a way to cheat the system of online quizzes. You could search online for any answer to the question or let other people who are more knowledgeable answer the test itself.

With this problem, online software found a nifty way to prevent cheating and secure the integrity of the exam. Online exam software has many tools and features for preventing cheating. Some of this includes locking the browser, recording the mic and the display, and the common but best way is through proctoring remotely or automatically.

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Proctoring has been the old and still the best way to ensure cheating will not happen, so online exam software integrates this feature into their software. We have the seven best online quiz software with unique proctoring features in this list.


quiz maker

The OnlineExamMaker is one of the top choices for online quiz software, with many valuable tools and features that include one of the best proctoring features, quiz creation, and automated reports. The additional that it runs in SaaS online quiz system makes this software one of the best.

OnlineExamMaker’s proctoring feature and the anti-cheating system are one of the most innovative and advanced software. You could apply different options for preventing cheating, like, switching screen notifications, Id verification and face recognition, and locking of copy-paste function. For the proctoring feature, there will be a live display of the taker while proctoring, and you can also review the records during the exam.

Truly one of the best options out there for interactive online quiz software with top-of-the-line proctoring features and other innovative features.

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A noteworthy online quiz software is ProctorEdu. ProctorEdu is a well-known online software because it is accessible through the web browser, which means that you can run your online quiz in the cloud, and The file will take up no space in your computer’s memory.

ProctorEdu is also famous for its proctoring features, which can be AI, Automated, or Live. Live proctoring helps your exam to be more interactive during their exam. In automated, they verify the students, and lastly, their advance AI proctoring detects any anomalies that lead to cheating.


The online quiz software that popularized a new method of proctoring is HonorLock. HonorLock mixes automated and human proctoring that improves the security of the online exam. Each quiz session in honorLock is proctored by an AI, which notifies the live proctor if any suspicious cheating occurs.

Another thing to consider in Honorlock is its user-friendly interface which makes it easy for both teacher and student to navigate. Its secure and scalable software makes the software stable in any condition.

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Another on the list is ProProfs Quiz Maker, making quiz fun and interactive. Pro profs quiz maker is renowned free online quiz software whose goal is to have all the possible features an online quiz maker will need. An exam creation, Automated grading and reporting system, an anti-cheating system, and a proctoring feature.

ProProfs also focuses on personalization and customization, where you fully control any design and template to your themes or likings. This will create a sense of branding for your quiz. An excellent online quiz software for all-around use


Classtime online exam software has received many achievements, like emerging favorites in different categories like assessment software and classroom management software, and has earned the best ease of use award by Capterra. So you can be sure that Classtime will get you the top service you will need in an online quiz software.

Being rewarded with many honors, Classtime has many features and tools you can use to improve your quiz. And in its proctoring feature, you will receive a smooth and effortless experience thanks to its many tools, which help to proctor better.


SpeedExam is another top-tier online quiz software that most education, logistics, and banking online quiz platforms prefer. The software comes with web-based software but can also be downloaded to any computer and mobile phone.
The features included in SpeedExam are detailed automated analysis and a theme builder to make the quiz personalized. This certificate maker can handle different question types and the proctoring system, which includes cheating prevention. They also have an instructor system in proctoring so that you give access to any instructor to proctor quizzes.


Lastly on the list is Exam.net, a secure online quiz software that schools and universities can use remotely and is preferred. This online quiz software offers an efficient way to conduct quizzes and also helps make lesson plans based on the result of the automated reports.

The features of Exam.Net includes exam creation helps you create quizzes easily and automatically makes them better for you. Importing as well as an option to create a quiz in this software, and it is easy to share the quiz with your students. Lastly, its proctoring feature lets you have a convenient way to interact with your students easily.

Final thoughts

Online quizzes are now essential in this digital era as they make everything easy for everyone. So with that, great online quiz software is now a thing to look out for in all schools and universities. And they must also come with a proctoring feature as this can improve the interaction between students and teachers and helps in preventing any cheating.

So the best from the list is the OnlineExamMaker. Its many valuable features help improve the efficiency of teaching in many different ways. Its exam creation helps create exams, and the automated reports help adjust lesson plans better. Finally, its anti-cheating and proctoring feature lets you maintain the integrity of the exam while maintaining interaction between student and teacher.