Why Automated Proctoring is Needed in an Online Exam?

Although online exams are a new way of taking exams, it seems that candidates have more chances to cheat on exams. Regardless of the type of online exam, test organizers need to pay more attention to cheating. Obviously, if a candidate cheats in the exam, the exam cannot test his actual ability, and it will be insignificance. In order to avoid cheating in the online test to the greatest extent, we provide the test organizer with the anti-cheating functions in the quiz maker for several cheating methods commonly used by the test takers. Automatic invigilation needs to be paid more attention, which has a unique meaning and is not the same as the function of manual invigilation. We will let you know why online exams need automatic proctoring.

Improve the accuracy of proctoring

Automatic proctoring can automatically detect all candidates’ examination behaviors. If candidates are suspected of cheating, such as frequently bowing his head, looking around, and the examination environment is too loud, etc. the examination system will automatically send a cheating warning to them. The combination of automatic detection and human proctoring will improve the accuracy of proctoring.

quiz maker

cheating warning in the exam

Ensure the authenticity of test results

The cheating behaviors automatically detected by automatic proctoring will be recorded in the exam system. the test takers cannot deny their cheating behaviors.

quiz maker

cheating records in the system

Reduce the pressure of invigilators

A large number of candidates taking the test at the same time will increase the pressure on the invigilator. Automated proctoring can undoubtedly solve this problem. After the invigilator has enabled the automatic invigilator, they can also observe the test taker’s behavior on the other end of the screen. When admin conducts online exams in Online Exam Maker, in addition to enabling automatic proctoring during exams, cheating rate ranking can be enabled. It will help invigilators screen candidates with a high chance of cheating, allowing them to focus more on them.

Automatic proctoring in online exams will ensure the fairness of the exam. As a quiz maker for online exams, Online Exam Maker provides a new way to conduct exams. If you also need to take a significant test, please click the “Sign up” button on the page to experience the test function of the test system for free.