Is there any software for teachers to build an online quiz platform?

With the arrival of the new semster, many schools have been in operation and educational institutions are also returning to work to recruit students. Due to the COVID-19, the current examination forms are gradually transformed into online exams. Therefore, teachers have a great demand for exam software.

Nowadays, when exam software emerges in endlessly, how should we make the choice? If you are engaged in education and are looking for a test software that is easy to operate , I would like to recommend you to use Online Exam System.

Online Exam System is an intelligent test system that integrating question bank management with test paper making. The test paper can be generated in a few seconds, which realizes the integrated operation from the question bank input to the test paper printing.

What are the advantages of online exam system?

Online exam system has the way of import questions in batches and also helps teachers classify the types of questions and knowledge points.

In addition, the system supports various types of questions, including single choice, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-bank, question and answer questions, sorting questions, matching questions, cloze, comprehension questions, and even questions in audio and video.

  • Flexible way to form papers

Generally, we can choose the pre-selected question bank, that is to say, we can choose the pre-made content to form a complete test paper. Or, we can draw questions randomly by choosing different types of question banks.

If it’s a regular exam, such as mid-term exam and final exam, you can open the intelligent anti-cheating mode to ensure the fairness of the exam.

  • Automatic scoring and score statistics

The system can accurately help teachers mark test papers. If there are subjective questions, they can be set to the mode of keyword scoring or manual marking. And you can distribute one question to one or more sub-administrators.

The statistical report of the results is an important link at the end of each examination. The manual statistics of offline examination consumes a lot of energy. When an examination is organized in online exam system, teachers can view the examination results at any time through the real-time examination records of the system. They can download the results report, examination records and students’ answers, so that work efficiency can be effectively improved.

Online Exam System is absolutely an excellent helper for teachers.

Stop hesitating! Why not have a try for free?