Why Online Exams are the Best Choice in the Post-epidemic Era?

What is impressive is that during the pandemic period, when people needed to keep social distance, online exams became the only way for people to conduct their exams. Whether it was schools, exam centers, businesses or government, they all needed online exams and as a result online exams reached an unprecedented peak in use.

In the post-epidemic era, online exams don’t seem to be the first choice for people, but that doesn’t mean that online exams are going to be forgotten. On the contrary, test maker softwares are still evolving rapidly and there are a number of surprising and new technologies that are making online exams tend to be fairer and more accessible.

  • Face recognition. Only those who have passed the examination with face recognition will be able to enter the examination, which will greatly prevent others from taking part in the examination instead of the candidate. During the exam, the examination system will also monitor the candidates in real time to ensure that the candidates themselves participate in the examination during the whole process of the examination.
  • Video surveillance. Online proctoring software allows for real-time monitoring of the candidate’s exam environment via webcam. It allows invigilators to observe candidates’ examination behavior in real time.
  • Artificial intelligence. This technology can be used in online exam system to automatically analyze and evaluate the candidates’ answers. The technology can automatically judge the correctness and completeness of the answers according to the test requirements, and generate corresponding scores and feedback.
  • Voice recognition. The exam system recognizes the candidate’s voice through a microphone to ensure that the candidate’s answers are authentic and valid. The technology allows real-time monitoring and analysis of candidates’ speech during the examination to detect whether answers meet the requirements and to avoid cheating and plagiarism.

New technology has led to a large number of institutions still running examinations online.

  • Educational institution.Common educational institutions mainly accept local students. In fact, in the era with advanced technology, conducting online courses and exams can get you more students.
  • Employee appraisals in large companies. Generally speaking, large companies have subsidiaries scattered around the world. Whether it’s the HR department or the employees, employee evaluation software gives them a great opportunity to conduct or take in-house exams.
  • Online recruitment. Online recruitment remains a hot topic. Online testing can speed up your hiring process as it does not require manual marking of the test papers, you just need to send the test link to candidates in advance and they can take the test within a certain time.

In the post-epidemic era, candidates may encounter these problems and cause them to lose confidence in taking online exams.

  • The exam is not fair.
  • The process of taking exam is cumbersome.
  • Candidate information is easy to be leaked.
  • Exam system is unstable, which makes the online exam easy to be failed.
  • Unstable network and exam interruptions can easily result in the loss of answered questions.

Although the institutions have encountered many problems, users’ needs are more clearer for the suppliers of the online examination system. As far as the Online Exam Maker is concerned, it has undergone continuous development to provide users with a practical and cost-effective examination platform. It can meet the needs of different industries to carry out online examinations, and it is easy to operate.

  • Stable system supports more than 10,000 people to participate in online exams at the same time.
  • Powerful anti-cheating function to ensure the fairness of online exams.
  • Interruption protection function to prevent the system from losing questions that candidates have answered.
  • Click exam link to participate in the test, no need to download exam system.
  • Provides operation records to prevent data