What is Online Exams

Abstract:Affected by COVID-19, students are deprived of everyday education. Are there any softwares that can help students take exams during COVID-19? What advantages of online exminations have?

Online exams opposes the traditional way by which exams are conducted in terms of time and space, etc. The advent of online exam has been accepted gradually since students are deprived of daily education. Why online exams become a trend? We have tried to figure out the advantages of online examinations.

  1. Environment-friendly and Cost-effective

In online exams, teachers do not need to print test papers so that it is good for environment and saves a lot of money.

  1. Instant Evaluation for Faster Results

Online exam system support automated scoring. As soon as candidates submitted the test paper, their results will pop up immediately. For teachers, they can get a real-time result analysis.

Intelligent scoring

  1. Smart Proctoring

There is a combination of AI and human proctoring. The system can intelligently detect potential misconduct. Meanwhile, the proctor can monitor the live steaming of candidates. When a candidate of cheating is caught, the proctor has right to terminate his/her exam.

Online cheating function

  1. Greater accuracy

Due to automatic scoring, the system will mark the test papers more accurate than human dose.

There are a number of advantages of online examinations. The most important thing on online exam system is that it is a good helper for schools. And the last thing I want to share with you is you can gain all the expected function on Online Exam Maker. For more functions, please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to try.