Online Exams will be Better Choice if the Situations Happen


online exam system

Online exam is not the only way to conduct exam, but their development make exam creation more convenient. If you have any of the following questions while conducting the exam, then the online exam will be more suitable for you.

  1. Exams need to be held in a number of different locations, you can try to conduct online exams. The online exam allows candidates from different regions to take the same exam, and they do not need to spend extra time going to the designated place to take the exam. Exam organizers can conduct exams remotely.
  2. Collect student information intelligently.For large-scale exams, the efficiency of manually collecting candidates’ information is low, and the test organizer needs to collect candidates’ information and then enter them into the offline exam system one by one. The online exam system will be more convenient. For example, admin can enable registration function in Online Exam Maker which is a practical exam system, so that candidates can fill in their own personal information.
  3. Uncontested proctoring is required.Before taking an online exam, you should have a preliminary understanding of the online exam system. As far as Online Exam Maker, its anti-cheating function can meet people’s requirements for ensuring fairness in exams. Anti-cheating functions such as face recognition before the test, screen switching restrictions, and full-screen mode test can prevent the occurrence of cheating during the test. Most importantly, all cheating behaviors will be recorded in candidate’s report, and candidates cannot deny their cheating.
  4. Grading exam papers will cost lots of time. After the test, the test organizers need a lot of time to manually mark the test papers. Taking the online exam saves this step. Because most online exam systems can automatically mark the test papers after the test is over.
  5. Manual analysis of candidates’ test data is prone to errors.There are many types of data involved in the test, such as the candidate’s score ranking, average score, and the number of scorers in each score segment. With the help of the online exam system, data analysis can not only be completed quickly, but also can reduce the error rate.

The development of technology has made online examinations more and more mature. As a new examination mode, online examinations help people to solve more and more problems encountered in organizing examinations. Overall, online exams are a form of exam worth trying. If you are interested in the online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to register for a free account and experience it.