Why LAN Exam System is Practical for School on Online Exams?

Since COVID-19, more and more schools conduct exams online. It is not only because of the impact of the lockdown during the epidemic, but also the development of the online exam system, which simplifies the steps of conducting online exams. Online Exam Maker provides each user with an exclusive exam solution. For schools, the followings are the reasons that the LAN version of Online Exam Maker is the preferred system to select.

Easy to operate

Student is main to take the online exam, the simple operation process can avoid the candidates making mistakes in the exam. examination cannot be carried out smoothly. Whether it’s the Saas version or LAN version, candidates do not need to download software when taking the exam. They can enter the exam by clicking on the exam link. In the exam, they can upload pictures and other attachments as answers when answering the essay questions.

online exam system

exam link can be shared to take exam

Ensure exam security

There are also anti-cheating functions in the LAN exam system to ensure the fairness of the exam. For example, the following anti-cheating functions are commonly used by users.

online exam system

cheating records in LAN exam system

  1. Prevent switching screens.When it is enabled, candidates will be limited to switch screens during the exam. If they switch screens more than the limit, the examination system will compulsorily submit their examination paper.
  2. Exam in full screen mode. Candidates will take the exam in full screen mode throughout the exam. The full screen mode can only be exited after submitting the test paper.
  3. Intelligent anti-cheating detection. The examination system will automatically detect candidates’ examination behavior. If they are suspected of cheating, the system will send a cheating warning to them or even compulsorily submit their test papers.

All test data in the LAN exam system will be stored in the server of the test organizer, which will be more conducive to the security of the test data.

Stable system

Online exams carried out in the local area network are not affected by other networks, and the LAN version of Online Exam Maker has strong stability and can support a large number of candidates to participate in the exam at the same time.

LAN exam system, like the online exam system, not only provides a convenient way of organizing the test for the test organizer, but also provides a convenient way for the test takers to answer the questions. If you also need to conduct online exams in the near future and need to keep the exam data confidential, please click on the “LAN version” page in Online Exam Maker to download and experience its exam functions for free.