What is the difference between Online Exam Maker and LAN Exam Maker

When  visiting our website,  you will find that there are 2 kinds of exam system:Online Exam Maker and LAN Exam Maker.

Some users will have doubts about this, which one should they choose? Which one is better?

In fact, no matter theOnline exam maker or the LAN exam maker,  there is not much difference in functionality. Both can help users solve all the problems of online exams.

So what is the differences? Today, we will  show you the difference between these two systems.

Online Exam Maker:

No need to download, just sigu up a account
Save the cost of hardware
Quickly to enjoy new functions
Information Security Guarantee
Support to pay monthly or yearly

LAN Exam Maker:

No need for R&D Team, just download and install
Can be accessed via LAN and Internet
standalone server, high stability
lump-sum payment, free upgrade for lifelong

The online exam maker will provide multiple member levels, and the account permissions of each member level will be different; the LAN exam maker is a one-time purchase, divided into Standard Version and Professional Version, and different version haS different permissions.

For more information about these two system, please come to our official website  and contact us at [email protected].