Why is Exam System not only Provides Exam Services, but also Stores Data?

The development of technology makes the current online exam system more and more powerful. Exam systems are widely used for online exams in various industries. As a practical test tool, Online Exam Maker not only provides exam services for test organizers and candidates, but also can store various data, which is convenient for test organizers to store and export various test data.

Question management

In order to make the steps of creating test papers more convenient, it is suggested that admin upload the test questions in batches to Online Exam Maker in advance. Questions uploaded to the examination system can be assigned to different categories, admin can add labels such as question difficulty to the questions, which will be more conducive to the management of questions and the creation of question banks.

online exam system

question bank in Online Exam Maker

Candidates’ Information

Before exam, admin needs to collect candidate information in advance. There is registration function in Online Exam Maker. After the administrator creates a registration form, the form link can be shared with the candidates, and the candidates can click the link to fill in their personal information. Candidates’ photos, names, genders, classes, departments, contact information, etc. will be collected. The exam system can check whether the candidate information is repeated. Candidate information collected by the exam system can be exported to be a document.

online exam system

(Example) Candidates’ list in the system

Candidates’ answers

When all candidates’ test paper have been marked, the administrator can export the candidates’ answers in batches, or print the candidates’ test reports. In addition, the exam data such as grade analysis, candidate analysis, and test paper content analysis are also supported to be exported.

online exam system

support different methods to export data

Online Exam Maker provides convenient exam services for online exams, with multiple exam functions and anti-cheating functions to ensure fairness and stability in exams. In addition to completing all the steps required to conduct the test in the online exam system, the test organizer can also export the test data provided by the exam system. If you also need a practical exam system to help conduct exams, please click the “Sign up” button on the upper right of the page to experience various exam functions in Online Exam Maker for free.