Why People Love Online Exam Creator.

Abstract: Do you know the reason why people love using online exam creator?  Because it can not only organize examinations, but also make many people feel at ease with its characteristic function.

Online exam creator is a derivative of online education. With its gradual development, it has gained in popularity over recent year. Nowadays, people are no longer limited to employing it for school exam. Its rich functions make it widely popular in all walks of life.

What features can attract people’s attention?

  • Safety and stable

Online exam creator has a professional team with profound and solid knowledge. When you encounter problems, we will help you solve them as soon as possible. No matter a school or an enterprise, it can be used safely.

  • High concurrency ensure a 10,000+ people examination.
  • Regular data backup to prevent data loss.
  • Besides the online version, there is LAN version suitable for enterprises or institutions with high requirements for data security.

High concurrency

(High concurrency)

  • Efficient to work

Heavy workload is one of the biggest problem for many administrators. A system with efficient functions is a boon for them.

  • Statistical analysis after exams shows students’ performance clearly.Intelligent generation of achievement report saves a lot of manpower and material resources.
  • When the amount of papers is large, administrators can add a sub administrator account to assist.

Statistical analysis

(Statistical analysis)

The fairness of the examination is a problem that many people are concerned about before organizing the online examination. Online exam creator has anti-cheating measures to stop students from cheating.

  • Face recognition
  • Screen lockdown
  • No switching the screen
  • No copying&pasting content
  • Camera monitoring
  • Intelligent detection

No switching the screen

(No switching the screen)


Online exam creator can be widely used in schools, institutions and enterprises, which is a good helper. Have you ever used online exam creator? Please click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the page to create online exam.