Why can Online Exam System be a Learning Platform?


online exam system

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the online exam system has been more popular than before. Online exams are not restricted by industries and can be applied in multiple scenarios. Online exams bring great convenience to people and improve work efficiency. However, many users ignore its learning function.

Exam module

  1. Error collection. In Online Exam Maker, the system will automatically collect the wrong questions of each examinee into the error collection. Candidates can log in to the system to practice the questions they have made mistakes in previous exams. The process of practicing wrong questions is also the process of reviewing old knowledge, which is beneficial to candidates’ gradual mastery of knowledge.
  2. Exam report.The reports in Online Exam Maker can also be used as a learning material, because the candidate report will show the candidate’s weak knowledge points and proficiency in the type of question. Candidates can make reasonable arrangements for the study plan according to the test report.

Learning module

In addition to the exam function, there is learning platform that can be used to conduct online training. It is easy to create online courses. The system administrator needs to upload the courseware to the system, and then select the corresponding courseware after creating chapters in the course. Secondly, administrators can also insert test questions in the course, so that candidates can immediately grasp the knowledge points. The learn part in Online Exam Maker is not restricted by the industry and can be applied to various trainings. An online exam system can break geographical restrictions and allow candidates from different places to participate in training and examinations in the same system.

The reason why the Online Exam Maker is practical is that it not only has multiple functions to ensure the smooth progress of the examination, but also enables study and examination to be carried out in the same system, saving costs. Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the online exam system combined with study and examination.